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The cities where one night in hospital costs more than a luxury hotel

Just one night in hospital can cost an uninsured Aussie traveller almost $3,500 in some countries, more than three times the cost of a night at a luxury hotel, according to new research from

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Monaco comes out on top as the most expensive destination in the world to be hospitalised, at a huge $3,444 per day.

For comparison, a one night stay in a five-star hotel in the same city only costs $1,060.

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In second place was Luxembourg, with $1,813 per day, followed by Norway at $1,343. Five star hotels in these destinations can cost just $273 and $240 per night respectively.

The most expensive destinations to be hospitalised in:

Country Average cost of a hospital bed for 1 day Cost of travel insurance
Monaco $3,444 $47
Luxembourg $1,813 $52
Norway $1,343 $51
Qatar $1,308 $53
Switzerland $882 $51
San Marino $845 $52
Denmark $808 $51
Ireland $804 $49
United Arab Emirates $727 $51
Netherlands $711 $50

Bessie Hassan, Travel Insurance Expert at, said a medical emergency on holidays can be a huge financial burden.

“Nobody wants to think about the worst case scenario, but the reality is that the cost of receiving medical attention in many countries is extremely expensive.

“It’s important to remember that these figures only represent the cost of the hospital bed. They don’t take into account emergency transportation, medicine or surgery costs that can drastically hike up the price.

“Some medical practitioners may even ask for a sizeable deposit before they even begin a procedure,” Hassan said.