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This fitness trend costs $86.40 a week

Would you run or do you prefer barre? Images: Getty

More than 1 million gym memberships go unused every year, and with Australians spending a whopping $4.7 billion on fitness products, that’s an expense we can hardly afford. 

But according to new research from Mozo, your attempts to get fit don’t need to break the bank. 

In fact, you can stay on track for just $4.40 a week through the use of fitness apps. 

“[Fitness apps] are a great simple way to have an on-demand personal trainer in your pocket. Most of the apps require minimal equipment that is available at discount stores or you can improvise with items from around the house,” said Kirsty Lamont, Mozo director. 

“It really gives you no excuse not to exercise. However, if you need accountability of exercising with other people, then apps might not be for you.”

Mozo compared 20 different fitness activities by cost and found cycling classes were the most expensive way to get fist, costing an average $86.40 a week. 

“Many people start off the New Year with great intentions of getting into shape, but this could be a costly commitment if your enthusiasm doesn’t last all year long. It’s a great time to do some extra research into the overall costs before signing on the dotted line,” Lamont said.

Image: Mozo
Image: Mozo

Barre and pilates classes came close, at $74.70 a week, followed by dance classes at $63.80 a week. 

Lamont suggested Australians who prefer the more expensive classes purchase packs of classes in bulk. 

“This way you are still enjoying your favourite class, but not paying a premium for just one class,” she said. 

Which one is your favourite? Image: Getty

It’s also good to remember the free ways to get fit: use outdoor gyms or join a running club like Park Run, which are both free. 

“A simple change could be walking some of your commute to work, it will keep your fitness goals on track and save you some cash.”

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