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CHART: Your salary compared to CEOs around the world

(Source: SmallBusinessPrices)

Income inequality is a problem all around the world – but it’s worse in some places than others.

The States is the worst offender when it comes to the imbalance between how much executives at the top end of town get paid (approximately AU $23.08 million) compared to the average American ($65,200).

The ratio between the two is an eye-watering 354 – meaning it takes an American CEO little over a day to earn what a typical American earns in a year.

Things aren’t so bad on the homefront, but it’s still pretty high: the Australian chief executive earns 93 times more than what the average Australian does.

Here’s a look at how all the different countries stack up, according ratio of pay:

(Source: SmallBusinessPrices)

Here’s that in a table:

(Source: SmallBusinessPrices)

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