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$270 charger sold separately: Tesla decision sparks outrage

·3-min read
Tesla logo
Tesla will no longer throw in a mobile charger when customers buy one of its electric vehicle models. (Source: Getty)

Tesla customers will now have to pay extra for a mobile charging connector when they buy one of the company’s electric vehicle models.

In a move reminiscent of power packs and headphones disappearing from new Apple iPhone purchases, Tesla mobile charging stations will now be sold separately, for around $270 (USD$200) a pop.

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the company dumped the policy because not enough drivers were using them.

“Usage statistics were super low, so [it] seemed wasteful,” Musk said.

The low usage figures have been disputed by Teslascope, a service that collects data on Tesla vehicles.

It found 61 per cent of charging sessions used the mobile connector compared to 32 per cent with the wall charger.

Customers aren’t happy

The decision has sparked outrage, prompting the company to drop the price of the charger to USD$200 from USD$275.

Some customers complained that the chargers were often sold out, while others argued it added a layer of inconvenience to electric vehicle ownership.

Despite the backlash, Tesla has not wavered on its decision and will not deliver the mobile connector with new vehicles ordered after April 17.

Undeterred by the charger issue? You’ll still be waiting ages for a Tesla, with the EVs taking as long as eight months to arrive.

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