Australia Markets open in 4 hrs 9 mins

Yahoo Finance morning wrap for Thursday

Are we recycling as well as we can be? Image: Getty

Good morning.

Here’s everything you need to know in Australia and beyond to kick off your Thursday:

Stocks to open higher: The ASX is expected to open higher on Thursday following a positive lead from Wall St overnight.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.85 per cent, while the S&P 500 gained 0.72 per cent and the Nasdaq Composite rose 1.06 per cent, after hopes of an alleviation in the China-US trade war.

‘Raise your standards’: Tech firm Atlassian is calling on businesses to raise the bar when it comes to creating more diverse teams, and is launching a free tool businesses can use to find where they’re falling short in inclusive hiring.

Immigration success: Half of Australia’s top CEOs were born overseas, a new report from Apollo Communications reveals.

"This suggests that equality of opportunity for people from different ethnic backgrounds is alive and well in Australia, compared to the world’s largest economy," Apollo chief Adam Connolly said.

Payments cancelled for Aussies on Newstart: If Australians receiving the Newstart allowance refuse to participate in a proposed drug testing trial, they’ll have their payments cut immediately, explanatory notes accompanying the controversial bill reveal.

$328m in the trash: Australians are losing $328 million a year by not recycling properly, a new report from EY has revealed.

It found that if Australia treated recycling waste like coal, we’d be $328 million richer, but co-mingled recycling bins are getting in the way.

Oh no… Workplaces are full of frustrations, but this one thing “really cheeses off” star performers above all other, an HR expert has said. Is your workplace guilty of this?

Want to chat? Today is R U OK day, which is a great opportunity to talk to your colleagues about mental health and any challenges you or they are facing. Here’s how to have that conversation.

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