Border reopening: The 10 most sought after destinations

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A departures sign at Sydney airport and workers walking in London
Aussies are preparing for international borders to reopen next month (Source: Getty)

Our international borders will be opened next month, and while an exact date is not yet set, Aussies have been rushing to plan their next trip.

Visitors to Skyscanner increased 195 per cent in the hours following the Government's confirmation that international travel will resume.

“This is game-changing news for many Australians who have been longing to travel abroad for almost two years,” Skyscanner senior director Paul Whiteway said.

“The new rules for travel mean that families and loved ones can once again be united, people can escape their surroundings for a well-deserved break and the country can reclaim its reputation as a nation of global adventurers.”

While nabbing a flight immediately might be a bit hard, airlines will begin announcing new flight paths soon.

Qantas, which had initially announced international flights would return mid-December, moved their first international flights forward to meet the November date.

“We know that this new announcement will unlock a wave of pent-up demand, and we expect searches and bookings to increase exponentially as the states reach their vaccine quotas,” Whiteway said.

“Over the coming months we will see airlines building capacity and schedules to allow the return of international travel at scale.”

Here are the most sought after destinations, according to Skyscanner data.

10 most popular travel destinations

The top searched international countries over the last month:

  1. UK

  2. US

  3. India

  4. China

  5. Japan

  6. New Zealand

  7. Pakistan

  8. Canada

  9. Singapore

  10. South Korea

The top searched international cities over the last month:

  1. London

  2. Los Angeles

  3. New Delhi

  4. Singapore

  5. Tokyo

  6. Dublin

  7. Manchester

  8. Guangzhou

  9. Seoul

  10. Bali (Denpasar)

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