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The 8 best post-workout recovery gear to relieve sore muscles

Vinciane Ngomsi
·Yahoo Sports Contributor
·2-min read
The 8 best post-workout recovery gear to relieve sore muscles
The 8 best post-workout recovery gear to relieve sore muscles

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Perhaps even more important than the workout itself, recovery is key to relaxing those irritable muscles that tighten up after a long run or intense weight lifting session. You also definitely need the proper tools in order to ensure you’re targeting all the right places. With so many products promising different results, it’s understandably difficult to decide which option to go with first.

Thankfully, we scoured through hundreds of items and determined which gear is key to long-term sustainment. From mini vibrating spheres personally endorsed by Tom Brady to an innovative foam roller that shot to stardom thanks to Shark Tank, read on for what we recommend as the best tools to optimize your rehabilitation.

TB12, a health and wellness brand co-founded by Tom Brady and Alex Guerrero, recently debuted this mini recovery tool to help target hard-to-reach areas of the body that need extra attention. The vibration therapy enables faster recovery by helping to develop positive brain-to-muscle neural pathways.

This item is a bit of a splurge, but if you’re serious about your recovery, then it’s definitely worth the investment. Its frequencies and shell design make the roller two times more effective than traditional foam rolling. Expand your range of motion by up to 40% during the warm up, work out, and recovery.

As seen on “Shark Tank,” this collapsible roller is perfect for traveling and can withstand up to 350 pounds.

Beloved by millions nationwide, Theragun Prime is 70% quieter than the previous model and seamlessly integrates with most health apps to learn from your behaviors and advise guided routines that can be sent to your device. For example, if you just sat for an hour in the car or on the subway during your daily commute, the app might suggest a glute and low back re-activation routine to ease tension.

This revolutionary product connects via Bluetooth to an advanced app that controls 12+ electric muscle stimulation programs designed to help you massage out knots, warm up muscles and increase blood circulation.

If you want to prolong your recovery and grab a great night’s sleep, this is the shirt for you. Highlights include 4-way stretch construction moves better in every direction and mineral-lined fabric that returns infrared energy to your body to restore your muscles faster. Find a pair of women’s bottoms here.

Perfect for those suffering from plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, Gaiam’s nifty tool. The ingenious hot/cold technology allows the roller to maintain its temperature for up to 20 minutes of hot or cold therapy.

Manufactured to use on the arms, legs and back, four independently spinning massage tubes loosen tight muscles and soothe soreness. Includes a bonus downloadable exercise guide.