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The best McDonald's, KFC and Hungry Jack's deals this week

The competition among fast food restaurants is fierce in Australia. (Images: Getty, Hungry Jack's, McDonald's)

The fast food industry in Australia is worth $20.1 billion each year.

So it's no wonder all the major restaurants have discount deals on all the time. They figure the fastest way to get a slice of the lucrative pie is to appeal to our wallets.

This means no hungry Yahoo Finance reader should ever pay full price for a quick meal.

As usual we have brought together all the best deals from McDonald's, KFC and Hungry Jack's so that you can peruse them here in one place:

McDonald's: best discounts

The best cheap eats are on the MyMaccas smartphone app.

This deal appeared on the app last week but you must choose the small size meal for the price to appear:

  • Double Beef 'n' Bacon small meal: $5

Weekly discounts appearing under the My Rewards section are:

  • $2 McMuffin

  • Free side with a Big Mac

  • Free side with a McClassic burger (Big Mac or Quarter Pounder)

(Image: MyMaccas app)

KFC: best discounts

The mobile app is also the place to go for KFC Australia's most reliable deals.

The latest discounts are shown in the New Products section: 

  • Giant Feast (15 pieces original recipe, 18 nuggets, 3 large chips, large potato & gravy, large coleslaw, 1.25L drink, 3 dipping sauces): $42.95

  • Double Tender burger: $4.95

The best value specials, however, are spotted on The Colonel's Offers page:

  • Burger Combo Deluxe (Zinger or Original Fillet burger, chips, drink, potato & gravy): $7.45 

  • Double Combo (2 Zinger or Original Fillet burgers, 2 chips, 2 drinks): $12.95

  • Family burger deal (4 Zinger or Original Fillet burgers, two large chips, 1.25L drink): $20.95 

  • Cheap as Chips (8 pieces original recipe, 6 nuggets, 2 large chips, 2 large potato & gravy, 2 dipping sauces): $20.95

  • Colonel's Dinner (4 pieces original recipe, 4 pieces original tenders, sauce, large chips, large potato & gravy): $15.95

Hungry Jack's: best discounts

(Image: Hungry Jack's)

A new set of paper coupons for Hungry Jack's are now circulating, which are the best deals around for the burger chain. But some stores will accept a picture on your phone, others will only recognise an original paper voucher – it's a bit of a punt:

  • 2 Whopper Juniors and 2 small chips for $7.25 [voucher on PDF]

  • 2 Whoppers for $8.95 [PDF]

  • 2 Whopper small meals for $13.95 [PDF]

  • 2 Bacon Deluxe burgers for $9.45 [PDF]

  • 2 Tendercrisp chicken classic burgers for $8.95 [PDF]

  • 2 vegan cheeseburgers for $10.45 [PDF]

  • 2 BBQ brekky wraps for $7.45 [PDF]

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