Best Buy Sends Customers 5 iPads By Mistake, Says To Keep Them Anyway

Best Buy is playing the good guy this holiday season.

A Best Buy customer ordered an iPad and was shocked when a box filled with five of them showed up at her door.

She reached out to the Consumerist for help and they contacted Best Buy. They told her to keep them.

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" We, here at Best Buy, acknowledge that we obviously made a mistake, but in the spirit of the holidays, we encourage you to keep the additional iPads and give them to people in need – friends, family, a local school or charity," Best Buy responded.

Then, another customer had the same experience — five iPads instead of one.

He was also told to keep them.

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"I called Best Buy’s 1-800 number and the rep told me there was nothing he could really do because the system only reported one as being sent to me," the customer wrote to the Consumerist. "He told me I could try and drop them off at the Best Buy store, but I had reservations about how traceable this return would be."

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"You know, case the inventory person at Best Buy ever tracked me down and wanted them back. So right now I am just keeping them in my closet until Best Buy comes knocking at my door or a reasonable amount of times goes by."

Well, happy holidays you two!

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