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The best Aldi specials this week

Aldi has a wide range of Special Buys this week. (Images: Aldi Australia, AAP)

Aldi has made a name for itself in Australia by cultivating a public image of consistently low prices for the equivalent items.

This has won over many Australian shoppers to the point where they have "an emotional connection" to Aldi – a feat that undoubtedly provokes envy among its bigger rivals, Woolworths and Coles.

While, in reality, not everything is cheaper at Aldi, research this year predicted the German challenger would have similar market share to Coles and Woolworths within the next ten years.

All those fans lining up outside Aldi stores before opening to grab the limited-stock Special Buys can't be all wrong.

Just keep in mind that the grocery specials, called Super Savers, aren't as heavily discounted as Coles and Woolworths' weekly half-price deals.

Yahoo Finance has again marched up and down the aisles to select our favourite Special Buys and Super Savers, so you can see them all in one place:

Aldi Special Buys: Saturday November 23

This Saturday sees women's and men's clothing, BBQ accessories, water toys and Lacura skincare on sale:

  • Inflatable water park: $299

  • Pool buddies whale, dolphin, starfish and sea turtle: $29.99

  • Wahu Aqua Pod: $29.99

  • Wahu Mega Pool Pack (grip ball set, funky lounge, 2 dive rings, 4 dive stix, 6 water splatz, 2 dive streamers): $29.99

  • Water hammock: $14.99

  • BBQ 3-burner: $349

  • Woodfire pizza oven: $149

  • Bug zapper: $49.99

  • Zipperless hard body cooler 24-can: $19.99 

  • Women's lightweight jacket: $16.99

  • Women's dress: $14.99

  • Women's soft pant: $13.99

(image: Aldi Australia)
  • Women's lace trim short or T-shirt: $9.99

  • Women's lace trim underwear: $7.99

  • Women's and men's leather sandals: $14.99

  • Women's and men's Havaiana thongs: $9.99

  • Men's cargo shorts: $12.99

  • Men's sleepwear set: $12.99

  • Men's T-shirts 2-pack: $9.99

  • Men's tank tops 2-pack: $9.99

Aldi Special Buys: Wednesday November 27

Inexplicably Aldi is celebrating Black Friday on a Wednesday, with a mix of its most popular past Special Buys, big name brand products and tech gadgets:

  • UltraHD television with HDR 58-inch: $444

  • HD smart television 32-inch: $222

  • Mini portable projector: $299

  • Rexel Momentum X410 cross Cut Shredder: $99.99

  • Logitech Z150 computer speakers: $29.99

  • Qi wireless fast charger: $24.99

  • Car air vent wireless fast charger: $24.99

  • Waeco portable fridge freezer 50L: $599

  • Bestway inflatable stand up paddle board: $299

  • Delonghi pump espresso coffee machine: $99.99

  • Delonghi Argento 4-slice toaster: $79.99

  • Delonghi Argento kettle: $59.99

  • Corner wicker setting: $299

  • Solar panel kit 160W: $199

  • Compact stroller 4-wheel: $99.99

  • Women's black leather handbag: $39.99

(Image: Aldi Australia)

Aldi Super Savers (groceries)

Super Savers have remained the same as the past two weeks:

  • Boneless butterflied chicken Greek style or Hickory Smoked BBQ: $9.99 per kg (normally $10.99 per kg)

  • Marinated whole split chicken California BBQ or Portugese Peri Peri: $4.99 per kg ($6.99 per kg)

  • Thin sausages 24-pack 1.8kg: $7.99 ($9.49)

  • Nut bars – peanut choc; choc almond & cranberry; or blueberry & yoghurt: $1.99 ($2.39)

  • Passionfruit pulp 170g: 99c ($1.39)

  • Satisfied snacking Prista crispbread 300g: $1.69 ($2.29)

  • Meal replacement bar chocolate, choc mint or choc cherry 55g: $1.49 ($1.99)

Although they're not groceries, the current Super Savers include Lacura cosmetics, which usually sell out in minutes as Special Buys:

  • Renew Q10 anti-wrinkle day cream 50mL: $5.99 (normally $6.99)

  • Renew Q10 anti-wrinkle night cream 50mL: $5.99 ($6.99)

  • Renew Q10 anti-wrinkle serum 50mL: $5.99 ($6.99)

  • Revitalise mature skin day cream 50mL: $5.99 ($6.99)

  • Revitalise mature skin night cream 50mL: $5.99 ($6.99)

  • Revitalise mature skin serum 50mL: $5.99 ($6.99)

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