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Barry Bonds on hand to cheer on 49ers, who refer to him as 'The People's Home Run Leader'

It’s not too unusual to see athletes from other teams in an area show up to cheer on a successful team. We see Aaron Rodgers front and center for plenty of Milwaukee Bucks playoff games, for example.

So it made some sense for Barry Bonds to be on the sideline for the San Francisco 49ers’ NFC championship game against the Green Bay Packers. Maybe.

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Before the game, tight end George Kittle found Bonds and had a moment with him.

Bonds’ legacy is, let’s say, complicated. He is No. 1 on Major League Baseball’s home run list. He also was disgraced due to alleged PED use. He hasn’t made the Hall of Fame yet despite some of the greatest offensive numbers in the history of the game. As unpopular as he is with voters, he might be even more unpopular with fans.

“The People’s Home Run Leader” isn’t really accurate, unless all the people are myopic Giants fans. Hank Aaron, who spent most of his career playing in Wisconsin, probably holds the title of “People’s Home Run Leader.” Too bad the Packers didn’t have him on their sideline Sunday.

Either way, it was interesting and unexpected to see Bonds hobnobbing with the 49ers before the NFC title game.

Former baseball player Barry Bonds smiles before the NFC championship game. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

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