Australia’s top 20 most lusted-after places to work

Images: Getty
Images: Getty

Aviation giant Qantas has been named Australia’s most attractive employer thanks to its travel benefits, consistent financial performance and innovative approach to technology in new research.

The “spirit of Australia” is followed by Epworth Medical Foundation and Apple, two companies which also boast strong financial performance, exciting work and favourable public opinions, according to the 2019 Randstad Employer Brand Research Awards.

“With Australia’s unemployment rate at 5 per cent, competition for top talent is fierce,” the CEO of Randstad Australia, Frank Ribuot said today.

“Business leaders must put their best foot forward with a robust image that truly matches a great employee experience. Closing the gap between expectation and reality is what makes an attractive employer and where Qantas really excels, remaining squarely in the top three for four consecutive years.”

Here’s the full list

Image: Randstad
Image: Randstad

What do we care about in an employer?

The life sciences industry is the most attractive, followed by early learning and technology. However, higher education is also improving in popularity, with five of Australia’s universities earning a mention.

Australians value work-life balance the most but also pay attention to how public perception measures up against workers’ experience.

“Workers are continuing to battle with work-life balance issues, particularly Gen Z. It’s their top reason for leaving a job,” Ribuot said.

“We need to listen and do more to retain good employees by delivering the trifecta of work-life balance, long-term job security and a competitive salary. Beyond this, employees want to be stimulated by their job and have a clear career path.”

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