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The Australian savings accounts with the best interest rates

Sharon Masige
  • Savings accounts with higher interest rates can make it easier for you to get a little extra cash.
  • Some high interest rate accounts include Ubank's U Saver Acount and Rabobank's Online Savings High Interest Savings Account.
  • Some these banks have an introductory interest rate for the first four months, which then reverts back to a standard interest rate.
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Who doesn't love saving more money?

Savings accounts are more beneficial than your average basic transactions account as they can give you higher interest rates.

The more money you put aside and don't touch, the more chance you have of saving up for that car deposit or overseas holiday.

Here are the best:

UBank USaver Account – 2.10%

UBank is a division of NAB that doesn't have any branches. The 2.10% interest rate applies when you open a USaver savings account, link it with an Ultra transaction account and deposit at least $200 a month into it. You can only access the 2.10% rate if your balance doesn't go above $200,000.

Xinja's Stash – 2.25%

Neobank Xinja has a high interest savings account called Stash where you can earn 2.25% interest on balances up to $245,000. Plus, there are no minimum deposits or introductory periods.

Volt – 2.15%

Fellow neobank Volt offers a 2.15% variable interest rate on balances up to $245,000. The company added on its website, "We've all seen them, the introductory rates that slip to next to nothing once you're in, paying less attention - or the one where you have to put loads of money in every month - and all the rest, there's too many to list. There's none of that with Volt. That's the rate. That's what you get."

Rabobank Online Savings High Interest Savings Account - 2.5%

Rabobank's High Interest Savings Account is linked to your everyday account and has a four month introductory variable interest rate of 2.5% per annum, up to $250,000. Once you reach $250,000 the interest drops down to the standard rate of 1.05% per annum.

AMP Saver Account – 2.36%

With AMP's Saver Account you get 2.36% variable interest rate per annum for the first four months before it goes back to 1.4%. The interest rate applies to balances up to $250,000.

CUA eSaver Reward Account – 2%

You can earn up to 2% per annum with the eSaver Reward Account on balances up to $100,000. That's if you deposit $1000 or more a month.

Suncorp high interest growth saver account – 1.95%

Suncorp offers a 1.95% per annum interest rate when you grow your net balance by at least $200 a month. And you can still make one withdrawal a month and keep that same interest rate.

Bankwest Hero Saver account – 1.85%

With the Hero Saver account, you get a 1.85% variable interest per annum if you deposit $200 a month and don't make any withdrawals. It applies to balances up to $250,000.

HSBC Serious Saver Account – 2.35%

You get a four month introductory variable rate of 2.35% and afterwards, this goes down to 0.45%. However, no interest is paid when your balance is over $1 million or you withdraw money during the month.

Citibank Online Saver – 2.30%

With Citibank, the introductory rate is 2.3% for the first four months and for balances up to $500,000. After you reach that amount, the interest rate drops back to 0.85% per annum.

HSBC Flexi Saver Account - 1.75%

With the HSBC Flexi Saver account, you get a standard variable interest rate of 0.4% per annum and a monthly bonus of 1.35% per annum for balances up to $5 million. To get the 1.75% rate, you have to deposit at least $300 a month.

86 400 Save accounts – 2.25%

86 400 customers can have a maximum of three Save accounts. When you deposit more than $1000 a month into your Pay or Save accounts, you'll earn 2.25% per annum bonus rate across your accounts, up to a maximum balance of $100,000 per account. It applies to balances up to $300,000 in total.