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The most trusted and least trusted professions in Australia

Scientists, doctors, advertising executives, politicians: find out where they rank in terms of trustworthiness among Australians. (Source: Getty)

Not all jobs are equal. People would put their lives in your hands if you were in certain occupations, whereas other roles would see you treated with suspicion.

In Australia, doctors are the most trustworthy profession – followed by scientists, which are the most trustworthy across the globe, according to the Ipsos Global Trust in Professions survey conducted in 22 countries.

The third most trusted profession is teaching, followed by the armed forces and the police.

Australians also don’t seem to put much stock in their politicians, with politicians generally ranking as the most untrustworthy profession, followed by advertising executives.

The most and least trusted professions in Australia. (Source: Ipsos)

Bankers were the third least trusted profession, and the bottom five was rounded out by clergymen/priests.

The statistics are similar to the most and least trusted professions across the globe, where politicians and government ministers are most distrusted.

Most and least trusted professions globally. (Source: Ipsos)

“The high levels of trust placed in many professions of crucial importance to our society are encouraging as they indicate that we don’t think society is completely broken,” Ipsos Australia Social Research Institute director David Elliott said.

“We still have a lot of trust in many important professions, like doctors, teachers, the armed forces and the police.”

But he also said it was concerning for us as a society that we had low trust in politicians, government ministers, bankers, journalists, clergy/priests, and business leaders.

“Encouragingly for my colleagues and industry, while pollsters sit at the bottom on trustworthiness this looks to be more a result of many being undecided rather a strong sense of untrustworthiness,” Elliott said.

“When we look at the proportions indicating a profession is untrustworthy, pollsters soar to 8th position as the most untrustworthy well behind politicians, government ministers, advertising executives, bankers, clergy/priests, journalists and lawyers.”

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