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This Australian city ranks best for raising families

This Australian city ranks best for raising a family. Source: Getty

Good news for South Australians: Adelaide is the best Australian city to raise a family in, a new report has revealed. 

Relocation experts, Movinga, analysed the best cities for finding love, education, employment and paid leave to find the best cities for parents-to-be, and Adelaide has ranked 22 out of 150 countries. 

Out of a score of 100, where 100 is excellent, Adelaide ranked 92.96 for housing affordability, 95.01 for living costs, 89.8 for safety, offered 140 days’ parental leave, and received a total score of 86.85

No Australian city made the top 10, or the top 20 for that matter: Perth ranked 32nd, Brisbane 39th, Sydney 47th and, surprisingly, Melbourne ranked 50th.

Sydney’s housing affordability ranked at 58.64, while Melbourne was slightly better at 67.50.

These are the top 10 best cities for families: 

  1. Helsinki, Finland;

  2. Quebec, Canada;

  3. Oslo, Norway;

  4. Munich, Germany;

  5. Copenhagen, Denmark;

  6. Stockholm, Sweden;

  7. Reykjavik, Iceland;

  8. Calgary, Canada;

  9. Montreal, Canada;

  10. Gothenburg, Sweden.

“It’s interesting to note the vast differences in the amount paid parental leave granted across the countries in this study,” Marta Blanco Amez, vice president of marketing at Movinga said.

“A city may have great family infrastructure like education, healthcare and safety, but if the system doesn’t allow parents enough or any paid leave in order to spend time raising their children, it makes it very difficult for working parents to juggle work and family life,” she said.

Amez said in the last decade, some cities had shown initiative by developing family infrastructure and increasing their family-friendliness.

“Helsinki, for example, is known as a fun place to take children during the winter holiday period, however many may not be aware of the extensive government support systems available to local families,” she said.

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