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Aussies warned of very realistic Telstra scam

Think twice before you open this Telstra email scam. Source: Getty/MailGuard

Telstra customers are being warned of a very realistic scam making the rounds this week.

MailGuard first discovered the phishing email scam targeting inboxes Australia-wide on Monday the 16th of September, duping customers into thinking it’s a legitimate bill from Telstra.

Telstra bill scam is making the rounds. Source: MailGuard

“The email body is well formatted and authentic in appearance, and can be easily mistaken as a legitimate notification from the company,” MailGuard said.

“It contains an account and bill number, along with multiple support links such as a ‘Live Help’ button. The same Telstra account number is used for all recipients of the email.”

The email advises customers that their latest Telstra bill is ‘attached’, but there’s no attachment, and customers are advised to click a link to a ‘pay now’ or ‘log in to my account’.

The links are sending customers to a phishing site with a log-in page requesting your Telstra ID and password.

Telstra bill scam is making the rounds. Source: MailGuard

After keying in your details, you’re then taken to a payment form.

Telstra bill scam is making the rounds. Source: MailGuard

How to know the Telstra bill is a fake

“MailGuard urges email users to think twice before clicking any type of attachment or link in an email if they’re uncertain of its legitimacy.”

Telstra’s website advises customers to never trust emails that ask for personal details and to think twice before giving personal details online.

Customers are told to visit trusted sites via Telstra’s URL, rather than clicking links in emails, and to only provide financial details on secure websites.

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