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Aussie man hits the jackpot, finds $100,000 gold nugget

A gold nugget. Source: Getty

For you and me, this might be just an average Monday.

But, for a Western Australian Goldfields gold hunter, who found a 1.4kg gold nugget this morning, it’s the day he became $100,000 richer, The West Australian has reported.

The prospector, who wanted to remain anonymous, brought the nugget into Finders Keepers Gold Prospecting, where owner Matt Cook, couldn’t believe the size of it.

“It’s good to see people out there and finding nuggets like this,” Cook told the West Australian. “They’re harder to find but they’re still out there.”

Cook told the paper the prospector was walking around saltbush flats in the Kalgoorlie region when his detector began sounding and he uncovered the massive nugget.

Given the current price of gold is sitting at around $59,490 per kilogram, the 1.4kg nugget could be worth almost $100,000.

Cook said nuggets of that size were only found a few times a year, and only by prospectors using heavy machinery, not just metal detectors.

He said it was one of the busiest years for the Goldfields yet.

“It’s so busy — I can’t remember a year like it,” he said.

“And gold prices are high at the moment — it’s like a gold rush.”

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