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ATO warning: ‘This is what you can claim for your job’

A crowd of people crossing the street in the Sydney CBD and someone filling out an ATO deductions form.
The ATO has warned Aussies not to "copy and paste" their tax return from last year. (Source: Getty)

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has warned Aussies not to simply “copy and paste” their previous tax returns.

In a tweet, the ATO said individuals should avoid making any mistake and “get it right the first time”.

Every occupation has different things they can claim. For example, a tradesperson can claim tools, while an office worker can claim a work bag.

But remember, to claim a deduction for work-related expenses, you must meet the three golden rules:

  1. You must have spent the money and not been reimbursed

  2. The expense must directly relate to earning your income

  3. You must have a record to prove it (usually a receipt)

Things you didn’t know you could claim

The ATO has a comprehensive list of industries with common claims that can be made for each - from those who work in the adult entertainment industry to truck drivers.

But here are some common claims many workers probably don’t know about.

Those who work in the construction industry can claim the cost of using their car to travel from home to their worksite.

They can also make claims on the cost of work-related clothing and new tools and equipment.

Those who work in an office but also have a side gig can also claim travel expenses for their cars.

For example, you could claim the cost of petrol when travelling from your first job as a receptionist to your second job as a musician.

Office workers can also claim self-education and study expenses if the course relates directly to their employment as an office worker.

And flight attendants can claim moisturisers and rehydrating hair conditioners if their skin and hair has dried out from working in the pressurised environment of an aircraft.

For industry-specific information, go to the ATO occupations list to see what you might be able to claim as part of your job.

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