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Here's where the ATO will be visiting this week in Sydney

ATO pop up locations. (Source: AAP, Google/Thomas Walder)

ATO agents may be showing up in your local area this week.

Except you don’t need to be alarmed, as they’re not showing up to raid small business or moonshiners; instead, they want to offer you help with your tax return.

Between 28 June and 17 October, the ATO will be popping up at community hubs, libraries, shopping centres, shows and universities all across the nation to help thousands of Australian taxpayers file their tax refunds.

Where will the ATO be?

This week, the ATO will set up a pop-up shop at University of Technology Sydney, situated in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, at 15 Broadway, Ultimo NSW 2007.

They’ll be there on Tuesday 23 July and Wednesday 24 July between 10am and 2pm.

At the same time on the same days, another ATO pop-up shop will be running concurrently in western Sydney’s Liverpool Library.

What will they help with?

“Staff at our pop-up shops can explain the benefits of going digital, while our Tax Help program helps those on low incomes with simple tax affairs, to do their return, which is especially important.” said ATO assistant commissioner Karen Foat.

“We are visiting sites around the country to support members of the community who may be unsure of how to use our digital services.

“We want everyone to feel confident using our online products and services, regardless of whether you use an agent or lodge your own return.”

Taxpayers will get face-to-face advice on how to use ATO’s online lodgement platform, myTax, as well as the ATO’s smartphone app’s myDeductions tool.

Aside from getting assistance on lodging tax returns, Australians can link their myGov account to the ATO, find their lost super, apply for a tax file number, and track the progress of their return.

“Most people can lodge through myTax in less than half an hour,” said Foat.

She added that those worried about lost or faded receipts can use the myDeductions tool to take photos and digitally store receipts in order to keep track of expenses.

“Getting your deductions right helps your community and gives you peace of mind.”

If you haven’t lodged your tax return yet, don’t rush: the deadline is 31 October, and the ATO themselves has said the best time to lodge is from mid-August onwards.

What if I’m not in Sydney?

The ATO is visiting in 20 locations around the nation and in every state and territory (bar the ACT), so if you’re not based in Sydney, you won’t miss out.

Here’s where they’ll be:

ATO pop up shops in NSW. (Source: ATO)
ATO pop up shops in Victoria. (Source: ATO)
ATO pop up shops in Western Australia. (Source: ATO)
ATO pop up shops in Tasmania. (Source: ATO)
ATO pop up shops in South Australia. (Source: ATO)
ATO pop up shops in the Northern Territory. (Source: ATO)
ATO pop up shops in Queensland. (Source: ATO)

Visit the ATO’s website for more information on their pop-up shops and tax help.

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