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Australia’s 18 most crime-ridden suburbs

Samantha Menzies
Australia’s 18 most crime-ridden suburbs

Some Aussie suburbs are able to make it onto the list of the richest, most desirable or most profitable, but others stand out from the crowd for very different reasons.

Low income, high unemployment rates and poor education are some indicators of the less fortunate suburbs to live in.

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However, crime rates also have a significant impact on the attractiveness of an neighbourhood for property investors.

While the volume and rate of individual crime types has fluctuated over the past few years, overall, crime in Australia has been decreasing.

The bad news is there are some Aussie suburbs that still seem to have a particularly alarmingly high ratio of crime per capita.

Using a criteria which combines the suburbs which appear in the most rundowns of certain crimes in each area, these 18 suburbs were the most regularly listed.

Are these Australia’s crime hotspots?

Suburb State
Alice Springs NT
Bourke NSW
Burswood WA
Darwin city NT
Dubbo NSW
Eastern Adelaide SA
Elizabeth SA
Goodna QLD
Holden Hill SA
Horsham VIC
Ipswich QLD
Karawara WA
Latrobe VIC
Moree Plains NSW
Northbridge WA
Redbank Plains QLD
Souther River WA
Yarra VIC