ANZ, NAB, CBA close more branches: ‘They don’t care’

Three of the four major banks have continued closing branches despite a senate inquiry into the problem.

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A composite image of the logos for NAB, ANZ and CBA,
NAB, ANZ and CBA have been slammed over branch closures. (Source: Getty)

CBA, ANZ and NAB have confirmed a further nine bank branches will be shut down over the coming months, with 27 jobs on the line.

The Finance Sector Union (FSU) has called on the major banks to stop closing branches in cities and regional areas while a senate inquiry into regional branch closures is still underway.

FSU national secretary Julia Angrisano called out NAB in particular for refusing to pause regional branch closures.

“The NAB’s behaviour is outrageous and completely out of step with community expectations and in breach of its social licence,” Angrisano said.

Angrisano claimed NAB had refused to acknowledge community concerns with the announcement it would close four more branches.

Which bank branches are closing?

NAB announced branches at Jeparit and Inverloch in Victoria would close. Additionally, branches at Boonah, Qld, and Queanbeyan, NSW, would also be shut down. Each NAB branch will close in July.

In addition, CBA notified the FSU it would close branches at Bull Creek in WA and Aspley, Qld, in June, with the loss of 12 jobs.

ANZ notified the FSU it would close Clarkson in WA, Patterson Lakes in Victoria and Lane Cove in NSW in June, with the loss of 15 jobs.

Both the CBA and ANZ have committed to pausing regional closures while the inquiry continues.

Banks slammed over closures

Angrisano called out the major banks for making massive profits while continuing to shut down branches.

“They don’t care about customers and businesses who are impacted by these closures,” Angrisano said.

“The morale of bank workers is at rock bottom as they wait to hear if their branch and their job is on the hit list. All Australians deserve to have access to the full range of financial services, no matter where they live.”

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