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180 Aussies needed for $120k+ jobs - in extreme location

Lucy Dean
·2-min read
***NOTE TO INSPECTOR: All visible graphics are our own design, and were produced for this particular shoot.***
***NOTE TO INSPECTOR: All visible graphics are our own design, and were produced for this particular shoot.***

Australia is set to be hit by a heatwave, and if you’ve had just about enough of +30 degree days, this could be the job for you.

The Australian Antarctic Division is currently hiring around 180 roles for one of its research stations for its 2021-22 season.

The positions require 18 months in Antarctica and are trades-based, with the station seeking carpenters, electricians, mechanics, plant operators, communications specialists, chefs, station leaders and plumbers.

Those who score the jobs won’t need to pay rent and all their meals are prepared by chefs.

Okay, but how much do I get paid?

The Gerlache Strait separating the Palmer Archipelago from the Antarctic Peninsular off Anvers Island. The Antarctic Peninsular is one of the fastest warming areas of the planet.
Your new office? Image: Getty

Those who take up the work will be isolated from their friends and family for a seriously long stint, so the salary needs to match.

Workers in Antarctica receive an allowance of $60,000 per year on top of their wage as recognition of the extreme demands of the job.

“The salaries on offer really do differ according to the position somebody is taking up, but the main range is about $60,000 to $100,000,” Australian Antarctic Division HR Manager Maree Riley said on Sunrise.

That means that workers are looking at between $120,000 and $160,000.

But it takes a lot to score the job: it’s not easy to get to and from Antarctica, so recruiters need to be certain that new hires are the right fit.

Riley said that means taking into account not just recruits’ technical skillsets but their medical and psychological fitness and personal qualities.

The Australian Antarctic Program has three stations at Mawson, Davis and Casey and a station on sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island and is dedicated to scientific research. It works with more than 150 national and international research institutions.

Before departing for the program, workers dubbed “expeditioners” need to have attended to their will and power of attorney.

Once they’re down there, recreational activities include hiking, camping, cross country skiing and sled hauling.

Glacier travel, ice skating, swimming, mountaineering and sled hauling with a kite are permitted only in some circumstances.

But sea kayaking, surfing, iceberg climbing, recreational scuba diving and water skiing are all out.

The full list of jobs will be advertised on the website on 9 December.

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