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Worst thing you can do when starting a new job

Tired teen girl rubbing dry irritable eyes feel eye strain tension migraine after computer work, exhausted young woman worker student relieving headache pain, bad weak blurry vision, eyesight problem
Don't make this mistake. Image: Getty

There are few things more frustrating than being told how to do your job, and according to a career expert, it’s one of the biggest mistakes a new-starter can make.

When it comes to starting a new job, the worst thing a worker can do is act as if they know everything, career expert and founder of Corporate Dojo Karen Gately told Yahoo Finance.

“Don’t be hypercritical and come in behaving like everything is broken and you’re there to fix it. That’s the standout new team member behaviour,” she said.

“What you’re basically saying is, ‘Hi everyone, you guys are incompetent but don’t worry, I’m here.’ I would struggle to think of a human being that that wouldn’t annoy.”


But as Australians begin new jobs remotely, there’s another annoying habit that can quickly get colleagues offside and that’s disappearing.

“You can be unreliable and disappear and no one can get hold of you. If you’re working remotely, make sure you’re accessible during those hours.”

Okay, how do I start a new job remotely?

Gately said the formula is simple, but emotional aspects like shyness can be real roadblocks for people starting new jobs remotely.

“The reality is that all we need to do is demonstrate some key things, that you’re ready to create connections with other human beings… [and] then demonstrate that you’re keen to learn.”

This means making sure you’re actually engaging in conversations, both one-on-one and group meetings.

Then, put your hand up if you’re unsure about anything. Gately said to look around the organisation for who’s the subject matter expert on the topics you need to be across and reach out to them.

That ticks two boxes: you get the information you need, and you look proactive.

“And that instills confidence that you want to integrate into the business and be a contributor. Then it’s staying in touch through that regular communication. If you’re shy, try to do the video conferencing anyway, turn on your camera - most people try to avoid that step,” Gately said.

“When we’re talking about that induction, onboarding process, your key objectives are to learn about who’s doing what in the company you’re joining and what are the key responsibilities of your role and the information you need to be able to do that really well.”

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