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Aldi sells 3,400 bottles of this $21.99 wine per day

A customer walks into the German discount supermarket ALDI in Sydney, Australia June 19, 2015. Source: Getty

Aldi’s famous Veuve Monsigny Champagne Brut has already been voted ‘better than Moet’ by top experts, but the supermarket’s new figures show people are buying it in droves.

It turns out Aldi sold a whopping 1.25 million bottles of the French champagne last year, which equates to around 3,425 bottles per day, 7 News reported.

The bottle retails for $21.99 - which is a very cheap alternative to rivals Moet and Bollinger.

Aldi's Veuve Monsigny Brut Champagne. Source: Aldi

It was awarded the Top 100 Blue Gold at the Sydney International Wine Competition, and blind taste by UK equivalent of Choice, Which?, voted the drop above Laurent-Perrier and Moet, which retail for more than double the price.

New Idea Food reported acclaimed reviewer, Campbell Mattinson, from The Wine Front, also awarded the champagne 92 points.

‘It's easy to see the attraction, and the quality,” he said. “Damn good buying, you'd have to say.”

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