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Aldi's fancy $149 fan triggers controversy

Aldi's bladeless fan has provoked varied reactions on social media. (Images: Aldi Australia, Getty)

A Dyson-esque fan on sale at Aldi Australia on Saturday has fired up social media users.

The product, selling for $149 as one of Aldi's famous Special Buys this weekend, is described as a "bladeless tower fan with DC motor".

The 9-speed fan with boost and sleep modes, timer, LED display and remote control is marketed as a bedroom appliance.

Some social media users were impressed.

"How sleek looking is this fan?" said one, while another said "I'll have 3. Thanks 😘"

But just as immediate as the compliments were the comments from sceptics. The biggest concerns were the noise level and energy consumption.

"Looks cool but I suspect it's gonna be noisy due to the design (forcing jet of air through a narrow tube)," said one social media user, requesting reviews from others who've purchased it.

Another user said: "Probably a video post of this fan working and noise level would be good, Aldi".

One savvy shopper even claimed a rival retailer was selling such a fan for cheaper.

"Bunnings warehouse sells it for $140, if you can't get from Aldi."

Social media mauls woman

But the biggest uproar came when one Facebook user from NSW wrote this comment in response to the advertisement for the fan: 

"That's great considering Ulladulla is closed today due to bushfires!"

The confusing tone of the message immediately provoked some baffled responses from other Aldi fans.

"What do you suppose the company Facebook page do about that?" said one.

Another said: "Because there’s more than just the Ulladulla store. Everyone else is allowed to access these offers aren’t they?"

One user sarcastically parodied a statement from Aldi: "We're going to reopen Ulladulla today because one person complained on Facebook, and the bushfires don't pose a threat to life."

After seeing the negative reaction to her comment, the original poster defended herself and doubled down. Calling the other users "keyboard warriors", she claimed her first message was a criticism of Aldi for putting on "a one day sale" while fires burned.

"Keyboard warriors? Look at your original comment... senseless," said another user in response to her double-down.

"Aldi's been 'slapping everyone in the face' with one day sales since they began. Pull your head in."

Another social media user calmly wrote: "Aldi have donated 40 pallets of stock to fire victims so far. There are more stores than just the ones in fire zones, a store is allowed to continue doing business, or close down for the safety of its workers."

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