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Airbnb boss’ most unusual complaint involves unfriendly ghost called Stanley

This ghost was not as friendly as Casper the ghost. Image: Universal Pictures

A poltergeist named Stanley was the cause for Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky’s most bizarre complaint, after guests complained that the ghost – who was meant to be friendly – just wasn’t. 

Speaking at the New York Times DealBook conference, Chesky said the weirdest complaint he’d seen was about a listing with a ghost named Stanley.

And while both the renters and the owners were aware of the ghost, the issue was that the ghost was unfriendly, rather than amiable.

“One day, a customer calls us and says they want a full refund,” Chesky said. 

“We say, ‘Why do you want a full refund?’ They said, ‘Because the house is haunted and there’s a ghost in the house.’”

He said that Airbnb went on to check out the complaint, expecting to hear that the host denied the existence of the ghost. However, the host knew about the ghost, and had even used it as a selling point.

“The host confirms the ghost, says that it’s a friendly ghost named Stanley and that the ghost is in its listing description,” Chesky said.

“We read the listing — Stanley is mentioned.”

Airbnb went back to the bothered renters, who said the issue was the ghost’s behaviour. 

According to Chesky, the guest responded with: “‘Yes, we knew about Stanley, that’s why we booked it. But Stanley has been harassing us all night.”

Airbnb was stumped as to how to deal with the complaint. 

“There is no playbook for this stuff,” said Chesky.

An Adelaide listing for a house for sale recently went viral with the agent telling parents not to bring children, due to the creepy details of the house. 

"It's not for the faint-hearted but WOW, what a property," stated the agent Toop & Toop Real Estate.

"This has been in the same family since 1977. The family of six best describe the fun and good times as Mrs Bates in the Hitchcock movie. The house on the hill."

And according to US real estate appraiser, Randall Bell, a death in a home will see its value plummet, while it will also spend twice as long on the market due to a lack of buyers.

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