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Couple with 27-year age gap welcomes miracle baby

Sarah Carty
·Lifestyle Editor
·3-min read

A couple has become parents after seven heartbreaking miscarriages - all thanks to a selfless surrogate.

Mhermae Toews, 28, and her husband Lawrence, who is 27 years her senior, began to give up hope after four years trying to conceive.

Lawarence, 55, Mhermae Toews, 28 and baby Vaughan, 10 months) An age-gap couple has become parents after seven heart-breaking miscarriages
A couple has become parents for the first time after suffering through seven miscarriages. Photo: Caters News

“When I first met Lawrence I didn’t want children but after four years we started to try,” Mhermae said.

“We never imagined suffering so much heartbreak.”

The couple, who live in British Columbia, Canada, were desperate to have a baby but Mhermae suffered through seven miscarriages.

“It’s a different kind of sadness,” Mhermae said.

“It is heartbreaking and really messed me up for a while.

“Eventually, we stopped trying for a baby as we felt guilty because we knew we were starting and ending a life.

“It was very painful and traumatic.”


Mhermae, 28, Justine Lowry, 23, Lawerence Toews, 55,
Justine Lowry became their surrogate. Photo: Caters News

The couple was eventually diagnosed with unexplained infertility, which she said was very hard to accept.

“It would have been easier if there was some sort of answers,” Mhermae said.

“Every miscarriage felt like someone was stabbing me multiple times in the stomach.

“I couldn’t go on with the pain and heartache any longer so we had to consider another way.”

In 2017, the couple attempted to adopt from Syria but Lawrence - who is already a father to Sarah, 27, and Jessica, 24 - was deemed ‘too old’ at 55

Surrogacy was their only chance of having a biological baby of their own, which led them to Justine Lowry.

Justine is a student and mum-of-two who wanted to help the couple battling infertility through an agency. She read their biography on a surrogacy agency site and she knew she wanted to help them.

“When I was younger, I had anxiety about not being able to be a mum,” Justine said.

“Thankfully, I had two children and no problems getting pregnant so decided it was time for me to help someone.

“Their story hit me hard and it broke my heart.”

Couple in hospital with a surrogate
The couple considers Justine as a family member and Vaughn will call her ‘aunty’. Photo: Caters News

She put an end to the couple’s pain on February 21 2020 as she gave birth to Vaughn who weighed nearly 4kg.

“Justine has completely changed our life for the better,” Mhermae said.

“I don’t think we could ever repay her for giving us the gift of life.”

The couple considers Justine as a family member and Vaughn will call her ‘aunty’.

“It was an eye-opening experience that I would like to do it again,” Justine said.

“My heart felt so full when I saw them hold him for the first time, I couldn’t stop crying.

“I didn’t think for one second that I would want to keep the baby as I went into it knowing it isn’t mine.

“I wanted baby snuggles and that is all.”

Reporting by Caters News

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