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A woman buys $40,000 car WITH COINS

Car sits on top of coins. Source: Getty

A Chinese businesswoman in Cangzhou has paid for her new Volkswagen Passat with much of the 190,000 yuan (AU$40,000) price paid in coins.

It reportedly took her three separate trips on Saturday to haul the 66 bags of 130,000 yuan (AU$27,375) in coins to the dealership, where it took 17 workers three days to count them.

Footage filmed in the shop, as reported by the South China Morning Post, showed workers squatting on the floor sorting through the mounds of change, which were mostly 1 yuan (20 cents) and 5 jiao ($1) coins.

Luckily she paid the remaining 60,000 yuan (AU$12,633) by card.

According to local paper, Cangzhou Daily, the woman owned a small eatery, and received the coins from her customers. She decided to save up the money instead of depositing them into a bank, and after 10 years, bought herself some new wheels.

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