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Labor attacked by FAKE 'death tax' claim on social media

Young man reads fake news. Source: Getty

A post making its way around social media claims an “agreement” has been signed between the Australian Labor Party, the Australian Greens, and the Australian Council of Trade Unions to introduce a 40 per cent tax on inheritances.

The post coins it ALP’s “death tax”, the AFP has reported.

Here’s one version that's circulating Facebook:

A post circulating Facebook claiming that Labor intends to introduce a "death tax". Source: AFP

The posts link through to a media release on Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s official website from January 24, which state opposition leader, Bill Shorten, had “flippantly remarked...that Labor wants to introduce death taxes”, but makes no reference to any agreements made or any concrete plans to do so.

A statement posted to Labor’s official website denies the claim.

“The facts are clear: Labor has no policy or secret deal to introduce an inheritance tax,” it says.

“This fake news is completely without merit and just a desperate and pathetic lie.”

Labor’s Chris Bowen also took to Twitter to deny the claims, stating that Frydenberg was responsible for starting the rumour.

Chris Bowen refutes the "death tax". Source: Twitter

The ACTU told the AFP that it supported the tax policies of the ALP, which do not include a “death tax”.

The Greens’ tax policies similarly don’t make any reference to an agreement with Labor on inheritance tax.

Labor has contacted Facebook requesting that the social media company remove posts about the fake death tax plan, according to the AAP.

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