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These 7 Australians are now tech billionaires as global markets push their wealth sky-high

Jack Derwin

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  • With equity markets near all-time highs, Australia is now home to seven tech billionaires.
  • The strength of the stockmarket helped catapult Anthony Hall, co-founder of radiology equipment group Pro Medicus, into the seventh position.
  • He joins the founders of Canva, Wisetech, Atlassian, Zoox and Envato to round out the billionaires list.

Despite not being renowned for either its tech scene or its fabulously wealthy, Australia has still managed to cobble together a few tech billionaires.

Seven in fact at the latest reckoning of the Australian Financial Review's Rich List editor Michael Bailey. That's with the latest addition of Anthony Hall, co-founder of Pro Medicus, a radiology equipment company.

Hall just squeaked in with an estimated net worth of $1.04 billion as global stockmarkets are at near all-time highs in early August.

Sure, Australia's seven tech billionaires pales in comparison to the estimated 74 who hail from the United States -- half of the world total -- but it's an impressive feat nonetheless for a country more famous for sport and surfing than software.

Here's the full list in order of net worth with some familiar and not-so-familiar names.

Mike Cannon-Brookes ($14.2 billion) and Scott Farquhar ($13.4 billion)

The fact that the two Atlassian co-founders top the list should come as a surprise to nobody.

Since meeting at university and founding their enterprise software company in 2001, they have become the poster boys for Australian tech.

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As of August, Cannon-Brookes is ranked as Australia's richest tech entrepreneur, worth an estimated $14.231 billion. Additional investments in neobank Tyro and autonomous vehicle manufacturer Zoox (its co-founder Tim-Kentley Klay ranks as another tech billionaire) has helped push him in front of Farquhar, valued at a respectable $13.401 billion.

That's not to mention Cannon-Brookes penchant for prestige property, having spent more than $143 million on real estate in just the last 12 months.

Richard White ($4.6 billion)

The founder of Wisetech -- another global success story -- Richard White comes in at number three.

Wisetech, which develops logistical software, has had one of the most prolific rises in recent Australian history, more than quadrupling its stock price in the last two years.

That's seen White's net worth soar to an estimated $4.627 billion.

Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht ($1.3 billion)

The founding couple behind graphic design software Canva takes out the fourth spot on the list.

They were most recently valued at $1.35 billion given they, along with other early staff, have retained a 50% stake in the company.

Tim Kentley-Klay ($1.2 billion)

The aforementioned co-founder of autonomous vehicle manufacturer Zoox rounds out the first handful of Australian tech billionaires.

Kentley-Klay, while sacked last year from his role as CEO, retains a 25% stake in his company. That's enough for him to maintain a personal net worth estimated at $1.167 billion.

Cyan and Collis Ta'eed and family ($1 billion)

Co-founding creative assets marketplace Envato in 2006, where users can buy and sell graphics, plugins, templates and other wares, Collis and Cyan Ta'eed and their family are collectively valued at $1.019 billion.

Anthony Hall ($1 billion)

The latest addition to the list, Hall's Pro Medicus helps radiographers view two and three-dimensional scans of patients.

His 29 million shareholding in the company makes up most of his wealth, an estimated $1.04 billion.

However, with Pro Medicus' stock price plunging this week on the back of a horror day on the ASX, Hall may have already fallen off the list.

The next set of contenders

While the seven above have achieved billionaire status, there are plenty of other Australians who could break into the list in the coming years.

Sam Hupert, the other co-founder of Pro Medicus, lags just behind Hall with a valuation of $985 million.

Christian Beck, who founded legal software company Leap Legal as well as company and property search software InfoTrack. He's valued at $905 million.

Patrick Grove is the entrepreneur behind on-demand video service iFlix, the so-called Netflix of Asia, as well as a handful of other ventures. In 2016, he sold his investment firm iProperty to REA Group, the owner of for $751 million. He's now worth an estimated $833 million.

Ori Allon, formerly the director of engineering at Twitter, founded real estate technology company Compass, which matches buyers and sellers with new software. He's valued at $747 million

Leon Kamenev, co-founder of food ordering service Menulog, is valued at $605 million.

George Kepper's M-Group is an investment firm that backs tech and pharmaceutical startups. That's helped him accumulated an estimated $600 million.

Afterpay founders Nick Molnar and Anthony Eisen are valued at $585 million and $575 million apiece.