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The $60 Aldi item sending shoppers into a frenzy

There's one Aldi product on sale today that shoppers are excited for. (Source: Getty, Facebook/Aldi Australia)

Summer is coming, and Aldi is keeping Australians well-prepared for the hotter weather with the BBQ and camping Special Buys range available this Saturday 26 October 2019.

But there’s one particular Aldi product that Aldi fans are especially eager for, and it’s a $59.99 portable hammock.

The hammock is foldable, making it convenient to bring along on travel adventures, and comes with its own carry bag.

You’ll also get a year’s warranty with purchase of the product.

(Source: Aldi)

It sent Facebook users into a frenzy, with many getting excited about the hammock’s various uses.

“😍 I could so do with one of these. All in the name of getting some vitamin D!” said one user.

Others saw the product as a perfect Christmas gift. “Oh goody, another Xmas gift solved. Good onya Aldi 🤪,” said another.

Commenting to a friend, one user said: “Definitely the next addition to the camper trailer.”

But if you want to include this in your camping inventory this summer, you’ll have to get in quick: the hammock goes on sale today as part of the Saturday Special Buys range, meaning stocks are limited and varied across stores.

If a hammock isn’t what you’re after, other cheap camping products going on sale today include a 4-man pop up tent for the same price; a $29.99 picnic rug; and a self-inflating mat, also for $29.99.

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