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6 wealthy people share their secrets to make money

Australian currency fanned out and a man driving a convertible.
Ever wondered what rich people do for a living? These six people shared their secrets to success. (Source: Getty)

What do you do for a living? It’s a simple question, but one we often can’t ask strangers.

But now, Tik Tokers have been doing it for us. Popular Tik Toker Dollar Sign Empire has built a following around asking people what they do for a living and for life advice.

Dollar Sign Empire asks people in expensive cars, or just walking on the street, what they do for a living and for their best advice.

Here are six of the best pieces of advice from successful people.

1. ‘If you don’t try you’ll never know’

On one of the biggest risks someone had ever taken, a woman told the story of quitting her job to start her own business.


“My biggest risk was quitting a full-time job and taking a branch out to become a Naples real estate agent,” she said.

“From there my life has grown and changed tremendously. My thoughts were, ‘I’ve always been employable, I am great at what I do’, so if you don’t try then you’ll never know.”

The woman said her firm had achieved more than $100 million in sales so far this year.

2. ‘Without risk there is no reward’

A man in a convertible sports car was asked about his perspective on risk.

“Without risk there is no reward,” he said, adding that he believed you had to be at least a little arrogant in order to make it big.

3. ‘The money will come’

Another man, driving a Mercedes G-Wagon, said he ran a wealth-management firm.

When asked how he attracted and kept clients, he said if you're good at what you do then the money would follow.

“It’s simple. It’s not about the money. The money will come,” he said.

“You have to love everyone you see … Everyone is different. We’re all unique in our own little ways. So, it’s about finding that person's needs.”

4. ‘Figure out who you can trust’

In another video, a man talked about the most important thing he had learnt along the way when it came to relationships.

“Figure out who you can trust and take them with you all the way. If you make life good for them, they will make life good for you,” he said.

The man, who said he made “a few pennies” everytime someone in the United States paid for a medical bill, said success was all about the people.

5. ‘Put your foot down’

A woman was asked how she kept a good work-and-life balance, to which she said she only recently figured out.

“I haven’t until recently, until I put my foot down. Now I’m leaving for Greece on Sunday,” she said.

The woman explained that after having been dumped by her partner twice for not having a good balance she decided enough was enough.

6. ‘Keep on hustling’

A 28-year-old real estate investor said it was all about keeping on the grind. The man said good old-fashioned hard work was how he grew his wealth.

“I had about $1,000 in my bank account and now I make over six figures,” he said.

“If I see other people out there working harder than me then I try and readjust my daily routine to make sure I’m competitive.”

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