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6 most expensive homes in the world revealed

<em>Most expensive houses in the world revealed. Source: Getty Images</em>
Most expensive houses in the world revealed. Source: Getty Images

Lavish fittings, extensive grounds, hundreds of rooms and more amenities than you can count. These homes are quite literally fit for royalty.

And of course they all come with an eye-wateringly high price tag.

The Architectural Digest has put together a list of the most expensive homes in the world, here are the top 6.

Prepare to have your mind blown.

6. Ellison Estate | Woodside, California

Value: $200 million (A$282.7 million)

This 23-acre property belongs to Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison. The compound has 10 buildings, a man-man lake, koi pond, tea house, and bath house.

Step into the 10 most expensive homes in the world
Step into the 10 most expensive homes in the world

Architectural Digest

Ellison Estate. Source: Architectural Digest

5. Four Fairfield Pond | Sagaponack, New York

Value: $248.5 million


This 63-acre home comes with 29 bedrooms, and its very own power plant.

The mansion also has 39 bathrooms, a basketball court, bowling alley, squash courts, tennis courts, three swimming pools, and a massive 91-foot dining room.

The epic property is owned by Ira Renner, owner the Renco Group, a holding company with investments in auto manufacturing and smelting.

Four Fairfield Pond | Sagaponack, New York
Four Fairfield Pond | Sagaponack, New York

Four Fairfield Pond. Source: Architectural Digest

4. Villa Les Cèdres | French Riviera, France

Value: €350 million (A$557.4 million)

Touted as the “world’s most expensive home,” the 187-year-old mansion in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat on the French Riviera, boasts a cool 14 bedrooms, a chandelier-lit ballroom, an olympic-sized swimming pool and a wood-panelled library amongst its 18,000-square feet.

And if that’s not enough, it also comes with a man-made pond with Amazonian lily pads, a bronze statue of Athena, a stable big enough for 30 horses, 19th century portraits in ornate frames, and stunning wood work throughout.

And the best part?

If you’re in the market for a palatial 14-bedroom home on the French Riviera, we have some good news, the Villa Les Cèdres went up for sale in mid-2018 and is still looking for a buyer.

Step inside the 10 most expensive homes in the world
Step inside the 10 most expensive homes in the world

Villa Les Cèdres. Source: Architectural Digest

3. Villa Leopolda | Cote D’Azure, France

Value: €750 million

This 50-acre estate on the French Rivera includes a massive greenhouse, a swimming pool and pool house, an outdoor kitchen, helipad, and a guest house – and all on an enormous 8 hectares of land.

It was built in 1902 by King Leopold of Belgium and was name”Leopolda” after him and past residents include Bill Gates, and Gianni Agnelli.

In 2008 it was reportedly reserved with a large non refundable deposit, but not sold, to Russian tycoon Mikhail Prokhorov for500 million.

The epic mansion is now expected to be worth in the region of €750 million, according to

<em>Villa Leopolda. Source: Getty Images</em><span> <p>2. Antilia | Mumbai, India</p></span>
Villa Leopolda. Source: Getty Images

2. Antilia | Mumbai, India

Value: Rs 14 thousand crore (A$2.82 billion)

Designed by Chigaco-based architects Perkins and Will, with Australian-based construction company Leighton Holdings, the building has a huge 27 floors, each with extra high ceilings.

The mega-luxurious 400,000-square-foot property, owned by India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani, also has nine elevators, a yoga centre, a dance studio, health spa, swimming pools, ice-cream parlour, private theatre and six floors dedicated to cars alone – there is even a car service station on the seventh floor.

According to India Today, the property is worth around US$2 billion or Rs 14 thousand crore in local currency.

Antilia. Source: Getty Images

1. Buckingham Palace | London, UK

Value: £3-4 billion (A$2.82 billion)

The Queen of England’s home, Buckingham Palace, has 775 rooms. These include 19 State rooms, 52 Royal and guest bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms arranged over five storeys and a colossal 828,821 square feet.

The expansive royal residence is estimated to be worth around £3-4 billion, which is unsurprising given Forbes put the British Royal family’s value at a whopping $88 billion in late 2017.

<em>Buckingham Palace. Source: Getty Images</em>
Buckingham Palace. Source: Getty Images

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