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‘Rare’: Your $5 note could be worth $1,750

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(Source: Getty/Tiktok/@thehistoryofmoney)
(Source: Getty/Tiktok/@thehistoryofmoney)

If you still carry cash with you, pull your wallet out: your $5 banknote could be worth much, much more than that.

TikToker ‘The History of Money’ has revealed that some special bank notes with a certain serial code at the top-right corner are worth more.

These “rare” bank notes look just like ordinary $5 notes – but have a serial code that begins with “BA 15”, he said in a TikTok video which has already amassed more than 19,000 likes.

This code is called the Stevens/Fraser signature combination, the TikToker revealed.

“Keep a lookout for $5 in your change,” he wrote in text in the video. “It could be worth a small fortune.”

“Depending on the condition, it is worth between $100 and $1,740!” he wrote.

(Source: TikTok/@thehistoryofmoney)
(Source: TikTok/@thehistoryofmoney)

The reason why these are so valuable is because the Royal Australian Mint doesn’t create these anymore.

These notes were the ‘last print run of the old $5 series before the new $5 notes came out,” he said.

“They printed these to fulfil increased demand in 2015.”

Aussies who have these rare bank notes should see a coin or banknote dealer to have it graded, or list it on eBay where avid sellers will snap it up.

Yahoo Finance has asked the Royal Australian Mint for further comment.

Watch the full TikTok video below.

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