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4 signs you're paying too much for your smartphone

Samantha Menzies
Senior editor – Finance

According to a new survey by, while Aussies are spending less on their monthly mobile plan, we’re still coughing up the big bucks for the pleasure of staying connected.

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Here are 4 signs you’re paying too much.

1. You’re out of contract
Signed up to a 24-month contract three years ago? If you’ve left your contract roll over, you are almost certainly paying too much. You can still hold on to the same phone, but it’s time to change plans. 

2. You don’t have unlimited calls and texts 
Unlimited calls and texts are included in almost every plan these days, and data is the main battleground.  

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3. You’re not reaching your data limit
If you have an 8GB limit but you only have spend 2GB, you could save by switching to a plan with a lower data limit. Check your last few bills and see how much you’re using.

4. You’re too loyal 
If you’ve been with the same telco for 10 or 20 years, it’s time to compare your options. Bear in mind that smaller providers still use one of the big three networks. 

Instead, Aussie should look at virtual providers like Boost, Woolworths, Telechoice and Southern Phone, which all use the Telstra network and offer the same coverage but for much cheaper plans.

Similarly amaysim, Vaya, Dodo, OVO and Virgin Mobile run on the Optus network, and Kogan Mobile is on Vodafone.