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3 tips for changing careers in 2020

How to change careers in 2020. Source: Getty

With 2019 coming to a close, some of us may be considering a career change to mark the dawn of a new decade. 

For those who are currently employed but not passionate about their job, Indeed’s head of career insights, Jay Munro, told Yahoo Finance there are many ways to figure out where your passion lies, and make a move.

“For many, figuring out how to switch careers is the biggest challenge,” Munro said. 

“A big part of that includes figuring out how to gain experience for a new vocation.

“For some, it may make sense to stay in their current career whilst they undertake short courses or study part time to build up knowledge and experience. For those that can, another option could be to take annual leave from their current role to do work experience.”

Here are his three tips to changing careers:

1. Establish your personal values 

The first thing you have to do when you’re thinking about switching careers is establish your personal values. 

“That means looking at what your interests are and what makes you happy, which will act as a guide in choosing your next career,” Munro said.

2.  Plan it

Research and planning is a crucial part of career changes, Munro said, as new professions could mean big changes in terms of salary, travel or regular hours, which are all factors that can disrupt personal commitments and schedules. 

A good way to plan is to look at companies’ mission statements or websites, to see the benefits they offer and gauge if they’re the type of employer for you. 

3. Be resilient

Being brave and resilient is also key when you’re moving through a career change.

“It’s important to be brave and resilient, because there are always ways to work around challenges if that’s where your passion lies,” Munro said. 

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