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The 3 most bizarre inventions making their way into households

An app-controlled toilet-paper dispenser is on the cards. Source: Getty

There are some wacky inventions on display at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but three particularly bizarre creations are making our jaws drop.

An app-controlled toilet paper dispenser

Realising there’s no toilet paper when you’re on the can is one of life’s biggest tragedies. 

Cue: Charmin.

Charmin is an American brand of toilet paper seeking to make the transition from tissue to steel by way of robotic toilet-paper dispensers controlled by apps

The RollBot connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and with the click of a button can go and fetch a roll of toilet paper for you. Handy.

Charmin unveiled its RollBot at the CES. Source: Digital Trends

A plaque-detecting toothbrush

Many healthcare devices sync to our phones these days (FitBits, Apple Watches), but it’s unusual for your toothbrush to do so. 

At the CES, Colgate introduced its Plaqless Pro Smart Electric Toothbrush, which connects to your phone via Bluetooth and maps your mouth in real-time to determine plaque buildup in your mouth. 

Light rings turn blue when plaque is detected, and white when the plaque has been cleaned. 

The toothbrush sensor transmits data back to your phone so you can see where you’ve brushed and what spots you’ve missed. 

A rolling ball that just follows you around

If you’re feeling lonely, Samsung has created a companion ball that is sure to rid you of those solo blues. 

Ballie has been labelled a “life companion robot”, which is literally just a rolling robot ball that will apparently help you out around the house. 

Samsung unveiled its Ballie at CES. Source: Digital Trends

While it’s still in the early stages, Samsung’s executive vice president, Sebastian Seung, said the ball “understands you, supports you, and reacts to your needs”.

There’s a camera on the front to navigate the house, and is intended for “personalised care”.

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