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The Morning After: MoviePass is bankrupt, and the Model Y ships in March

Richard Lawler
Senior News Editor

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

OK, who had 2020 in the MoviePass-death pool? Everyone? I guess the good news is that even though this movie theater subscription business (and its parent company) is going belly up, the concept has spread to others in the industry. Whether it's AMC's Stubs A-List or Alamo Drafthouse's Season Pass, it's easier and cheaper to be a frequent moviegoer, if that's your thing. As for MoviePass, well, we'll always have the summer of 2018.

-- Richard

The opposite of a delay?Tesla moves the Model Y release date up to 'spring 2020'

Thanks to a quick turnaround in building its Shanghai Gigafactory, which was completed in just 10 months, Tesla can now focus on ramping up production of its new crossover SUV, the Model Y, at its existing production plant in Fremont, California. The Ys, which were expected to begin shipping in fall 2020 are now slated for delivery by the end of Q1 instead.

We'll have to update the lyric.UPS deals increase its use of electric and self-driving trucks

Get ready for a couple of variants on the usual brown delivery vehicles. UPS is making an investment in UK technology company Arrival, which includes an order for 10,000 electric trucks. The plan is to deploy them across Europe and the US over the next four years. Separately, it also announced a pilot with Waymo to have that company's self-driving Chrysler Pacifica vans shuttle cargo from UPS stores to its processing hub in the metro Phoenix area.

Fox's upconverted 4K stream is a great excuse to upgrade.The best pre-Super Bowl deals for 4K TVs and streaming

If you've been holding off on the purchase of a(nother) 4K TV, then Fox's plan to provide a 4K feed of Super Bowl LIV is a pretty strong argument for upgrading. Even if it's really a 1080p HDR stream that's upconverted, it will still be better than the standard 720p version you'd otherwise have to live with. You will need the right equipment, however, and I have some suggestions, with everything from a Fire TV 4K Stick to an 85-inch Sony TV that's practically a bargain if you just think about the price per square inch.

Just add talent.What to buy if you want to start producing music at home

If you follow Terrence O'Brien's instructions carefully, then you too can make a Grammy-winning album in your bedroom.

See everything.Google Earth adds views of outer space on mobile

Now, when you zoom all the way out on Google Earth's app for mobile devices, you'll see an accurate representation of the Milky Way. Google says adding stars to Earth is part of its efforts to make the program look as realistic as possible, which is why it also previously added animated clouds to show weather patterns around the world.

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