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Oculus Quest hand tracking is available as an experimental feature

Jon Fingas
Associate Editor

You don't have to wait until 2020 to try Oculus Quest hand tracking, at least so long as you're willing to accept some limits. Oculus is trotting out the controller-free input method as an option in the "Experimental Features" menu this week. You can only use it in the main interface as well as first-party apps like the web browser and Oculus TV, but that still allows you to ditch the grips for common tasks. You can switch back to controllers through a quick toggle in the home screen.

The hand tracking test will be available to you once you've updated the Quest to v12.

Third-party apps with hand tracking won't come until 2020. However, Oculus will offer a development kit next week that will make hands-only control available. The technology won't necessarily make sense in every app. We can imagine it being a particular problem in games where your hands might be out of view of the headset's cameras. It's a start, though, and there may come a time when you only pick up the controllers when you absolutely need them.