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$150k a year: High-paying Aussie jobs that don’t require a degree

Looking for a high-paying job but don’t want to go to university? Here are the top-paying options.

Already stressed about footing the bill for next year's finances? Well, a career move could be the answer you've been looking for. And there are options for you to get a higher paycheque without going to university, and having to cop the ongoing student debt that comes with it.

New data has revealed the top six-figure salary jobs in Australia that don't require a university degree and careers expert Amanda Augustine from told Yahoo Finance how you can land them.

"There are six-figure jobs out there waiting to be filled... In fact, what you can earn with a certificate or diploma and a not-notch resume might surprise you," Augustine said.

A construction worker working on a home (left) and underground mining workers (right).
A six-figure salary without a uni degree? These Australian jobs might surprise. Source: Getty Images. (Getty Images.)

Top 8 highest-paying jobs without a degree

  1. Construction managers are among the highest paid employees without a uni degree in the country with the average annual salary sitting at $150,000.

  2. Underground miners earn on average $120,500 a year while more experienced workers can make up to $170,000. Statistics show one-third of mining workers don't have a post-school qualification, while around half have a Vocational Education and Training qualification.

  3. Auto electricians with a Certificate III in Automotive Electrical Technology can earn an average year's salary of $115,000 to $135,000.

  4. Business development managers could bring home $95,000 to $115,000 annually.

  5. Security managers often earn $110,000 a year. You would typically be required to pick up a relevant VET qualification and a Certificate II in Security Operations and/or Certificate IV in Security Management however.

  6. Recruitment managers will tend to have a Certificate IV in Human Resource Management or a Diploma of Human Resource Management, but it isn't essential to earn an average salary of $115,000.

  7. Ethical hackers just need to be good at hacking to earn $102,000 a year while a Diploma of Informational Technology (cyber security) would be a bonus.

  8. Digital marketing managers can make an average $101,000. While they often have degrees behind them, many digital marketers, especially those involved in or launching starts ups, have moved across with just demonstrable experience with search engine optimisation, marketing database, email, social media and advertising campaigns.



How to get a high-paying job without a uni degree?

Searching on job boards is a great place to start, Augustine said. But if you want to be proactive, contacting companies directly is also another good option.

She said to include an up to date resume and cover letter to "provide an overview of your expertise and give a recruiter insight into why you would be best for the job".

"What counts, whether you have a uni degree or not, is the first impression you make with your resume. Is it concise and easy to read? Is it tailored to bring your qualifications for the job to the fore? Does it make you memorable and likeable?" she asked.

"Remove jargon. Proofread your resume, then check it again for grammar and spelling mistakes. Ask someone you trust or admire in business to review it. Then press send."

Jobs: Construction workers. and pedestrians crossing a busy street.
Not all high-paying jobs require a university degree. (Source: Getty)

Earlier this year, the Australian Taxation Office revealed some other roles to pick up without a uni degree, some easier to land than others.

The highest paying jobs were for professional sports stars, with male cricketers taking the top spot, earning $208,369 a year on average, followed by footballers on $143,711.

But excluding professional sportsmen - only few of which will ever compete at the highest level - there were still plenty of options..

Air traffic controllers were some of the highest-paid Aussies, earning an average $149,580 per year.

Train controllers earned an average salary of $138,633.

Insurance investigators, loss adjusters or risk surveyors earned, on average, $136,914 per year.

Driller, miner or shot firer in the coal-mining industry brought in an average salary of $128,486 every year, while those who do blasting work in mines brought in $121,314 per year.

Police detectives made an average salary of $122,591 per year, while police inspectors made around $120,874.

Electrical lines workers brought home an average salary of $125,443 per year.

If flying is more your vibe, then there is a lot of money to be made as a helicopter pilot, with the average salary coming in at $121,706. Or becoming a senior officer in the Air Force would see you bring home around $120,384 per year.

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