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Jobs 2021: 12 non-tech jobs that will boom in the future of work

These jobs are expected to boom in the future of work. (Source: Getty)
These jobs are expected to boom in the future of work. (Source: Getty)

When it comes to the future of work, it’s not all about tech related skills and experience.

Far from it.

We’ll be in serious trouble if those graduating from school or seeking to make some kind of career change right now all only go into tech roles like software development. The planet is not made up of computers.

Rather, the roles that will be in demand in the coming years are those that have a strong people element, jobs that involve interacting and responding to other humans; especially within industries that are essential to the growing needs of a changing population, like in aged and health care.


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Below are 12 such non tech jobs that will soar in the future of work.


Well before COVID-19, psychologists were struggling to meet demand in Australia, with almost half of Australians expected to experience a mental health condition in their lifetimes.

There’s been a massive uptick in those seeking the services of a psychologist, especially with the Government now providing access to a limited number of sessions through Medicare.

Home health aide

In November 2020, Indeed found ‘home health aides’ to be one of the most in demand careers on their jobs board platform. They noted the large number of job openings in this space as well as predictions on how this field will grow in the coming years.

Unfortunately, home health aides – which work in client homes to assist them with daily activities – is also (currently) the lowest paid of Indeed’s identified ‘in demand’ careers.

Physical therapist

Identified as one of Indeed’s 15 most in-demand careers, physical therapists are the highest paying of the non-tech careers on the list (statistician, software developer and information security analyst were also on there, paying more).

Physical therapists provide services to people of all ages, those who have been injured, have a disability or may have a medical condition.

Aged care worker

Australia’s ageing population will require more aged care workers and significantly more infrastructure in order to meet growing caring demands.

This is a sector that will further develop and create numerous opportunities in various areas in the coming years, with aged care workers particularly to be in growing demand.

Business development manager

BDM positions are available within almost all large employers, with the role focused on bringing in new clients, managing sales and leading on marketing efforts.

Sure, some of this will be automated, but there’s a people element that will always be needed in order to develop partnerships and client relationships.

Truck driver

While in the longer term we can expect more truck driving roles to be automated, right now and for the next few years this is a role that is in demand. With no tertiary qualifications required, it generally requires some kind of commercial driver license, as well as a clean driving record.

Further into the future, we can expect more roles to develop around managing and maintaining autonomous vehicles.


Even in areas that are expected to be the most automated in the future, there will still be a need for strategy and creative thinking in how to keep the business moving forward. Enter strategists, and a growing demand to find those who are particularly successful in these roles.

There are no perfect qualifications for strategists, but rather they have excellent command of what are often considered ‘soft’ skills, including creativity, empathy and communication.

Registered nurse

This is the role that is often considered the most ‘in demand’ in Australia, with massive shortages expected to continue in the future in order to meet Australia’s growing healthcare needs.

Qualifying as an RN requires completing a three year Bachelor of Nursing degree, but there are plenty of other roles in nursing that have less demanding qualifications in order to get a start in.

Construction worker/manager

While COVID-19 may have disrupted many plans, construction is still an area that’s in demand, with 118,800 jobs projected to be created in the construction industry by May 2023.

There are multiple roles centred around construction and good salaries for those who reach management level, including for site managers, construction managers and estimating managers.

Nutritionist, dietician

The field of nutrition is a small but growing field, with more of us requiring support and assistance on food.

It’s also growing as we increasingly become more aware of the role of food and eating patterns on overall health and well-being, and as research is continually being developed around when and what we should eat.


The demand for primary and secondary school teachers will continue to outstrip supply in the future of work, while the need for other forms of teachers – such as university lecturers and early childhood educators – will also grow.

A number of state governments, as well as governments internationally, provide financial incentives and support encouraging people to make a career change into teaching.

Teacher’s aide

Like the demand for teachers generally, teacher aides of all types are also needed, with some predictions that an additional 17,000 teacher aide jobs per year will be created until the year 2023.

Teacher’s aides can often access more flexibility than teachers generally, given they’re hired on an “as needed” basis with the field offering a wide variety of work.

Angela Priestley is a Yahoo Finance contributor, writing on family finances and juggling work with kids. She is the founding editor of Women’s Agenda, co-founder of Agenda Media and a mum of three young boys.

This is part seven of our Jobs 2021 series, where Yahoo Finance is exploring how to succeed in the next decade: earn more, lead better and win in the next decade of work.

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