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10 professions which attract the most psychopaths

Samantha Menzies
10 professions which attract the most psychopaths

It can be hard to spot a psychopath, but you’re more likely to come across one in certain professions more than others.

Making up just one percent of the population, although psychopaths typically represent only a small percentage of staff, they are most common at higher levels of corporate organisations where their actions can cause a ripple effect.

According to the Hare psychopath checklist, developed in the seventies, psychopaths are identifiable by their lack of remorse for destructive acts and the fact they’re unable to feel empathy.

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At the same time they can be impulsive, manipulative and sexually promiscuous.

Others suggest that psychopaths also tend to display fearless dominance over other people, such as the kind of assertiveness prized in a courtroom or operating theatre.

This may also explain why many of the jobs attractive to psychopaths – such as CEO’s, salespeople and media types – are often found in the tech industry.

Here are the top 10 jobs with the most psychopaths.

1. CEO

Being a risk seeker, impulsive, fearless and a master manipulator are unfortunately traits which people commonly associate with successful entrepreneurs.

2. Lawyer

Most lawyers will do anything to benefit at any cost, by turning on their charm and lying without conscience, so it makes sense the profession houses many of these characters.

3. Media (television/radio)

Media is possibly one of the easiest and best ways for those with narcissistic personalities to thrive of their own inflated sense of self-worth.

4. Salesperson

Associated with higher levels of egocentric grandiose than many other professions, sales people which are psychopaths are able to manipulate customers and exploit the system to benefit themselves.

5. Surgeon

Abrasive, abusive and wildly self-centered, some suggest many surgeons suffer from psychiatric disorders.

6. Journalist

Similarly to the television and radio professions, even the most humble individual can become increasingly narcissistic by seeing their name repeatedly published.

7. Police officer

Many serial killers are supposedly fascinated by authority, with some intentionally going into the profession in order to get better access to ‘victims’.

8. Clergy

Religious organizations give easy access to victims, a source for financial rewards and easy legitimacy based on having an ordained position.

9. Chef

Gordon Ramsay himself said: “Chefs are nutters. They’re all self-obsessed, delicate, dainty, insecure little souls and absolute psychopaths. Every last one of them.” 

10. Civil servant

Certain civil service roles give psychopaths the ability to ruin other people’s lives.