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10 fastest growing jobs on Fiverr (and the highest paying)

Australian currency and the Fiverr logo on a smart phone.
Aussies with these digital skills could be sitting on a goldmine. (Source: Getty)

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, many businesses had to turn digital and they needed people with the know-how to help them do it.

The Fiverr small business index found that some of the most in-demand jobs right now are those looking for the tech-savvy to help them in the online world.

The most in-demand skills that could help you make some money on the side are:

  1. Youtube monetisation experts - 120 per cent growth

  2. Google Analytic experts - 94 per cent growth

  3. SEO services for Shopify - 93 per cent growth

  4. vTubers - 88 per cent growth

  5. Website content creators - 83 per cent growth

  6. Social media content - 63 per cent growth

  7. Australian voice over talent - 49 per cent growth

  8. Social media management - 44 per cent growth

  9. Video editors - 39 per cent growth

  10. Instagram Influencer marketing - 16 per cent growth

“Small businesses around the world are opening their doors again and some for the first time,” the Fiverr report said.


“The digital transformation that emerged during the pandemic has changed businesses forever. Hybrid operating models are here to stay, with online and offline working together.”

But, what about the highest paying? Well, it depends on your expertise and experience level. Fiverr freelancers set their own rates, but there are certainly some skills that pay more than others.

In the past six months we have seen businesses adopting new services and technologies to help them succeed,” Fiverr said.

“For nearly all small businesses, it is clear they will need to continue investing in and enhancing their online offerings.”

​​Small businesses are also looking at ways to enrich the online experience for customers and leverage social media channels to build their brand.

“As businesses continue to invest in their success online, there is an immense opportunity for professionals who are skilled in these trending service areas to offer their work and enhance earnings, with some Fiverr freelancers earning as much as $120k a year in additional income,” Peggy de Lange, Fiverr’s vice president of international expansion said.

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Here is the earnings potential for 10 of the biggest digital skills businesses are after.

1. Amazon PPC campaign: $10,000

Amazon PPC (or pay per click) Campaigns can help drive traffic to websites. Working with professionals who specialise in optimising these campaigns can help businesses attract more customers.

Fiverr freelancers can therefore earn up to $10,000 for a job.

2. Google Adwords: $8,500

Those fluent in Google Adwords can also bring in the big bucks. Google AdWords campaigns can bring great results if managed properly.

Certified specialists can make sure campaigns reach high performance levels, ensuring businesses get the most out of them.

3. Online course content: $3,000

Many people are taking their talents and creating their own online courses as a means of starting a new business.

Doing so is one way professionals are getting creative without pursuing the typical 9-5 work week.

4. Shopify sales funnel: $2,195

E-commerce was a massive theme over the past 18 months, with many businesses forced to move online, and those able to help build those businesses are able to reap the rewards.

Businesses continue to focus on enhancing their e-commerce presence, evidenced by the significant increase in search for “Shopify sales funnel”.

Young woman working from home office and having video conference.
Being proficient in certain digital skills could see you being able to make some good money on the side. (Source: Getty) (J_art via Getty Images)

5. Klaviyo: $2,000

After getting set up on e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, implementing tools like Klaviyo - a leading e-commerce marketing platform in the Shopify ecosystem - can help enhance the user experience.

And Fiverr freelancers can make up to $2,000 for their expertise.

6. Facebook page creation: $1,450

Fiverr said an increase in Facebook page creation indicated businesses were looking to professionals to help them create new pages, particularly as they looked for new ways to engage with customers.

“With changing restrictions, having a Facebook page provides a simple way to communicate with customers,” the report said.

7. Kajabi: $800

In the digital age, strong content could be make or break for a business, Fiverr said.

Professionals proficient in tools like Kajabi - an all-in-one business platform - can help digital entrepreneurs and small businesses utilise customisable templates to create and sell engaging content.

8. Google Maps: $450

For a small business, making sure they are present on Google Maps can make all the difference, Fiverr said.

“Working with professionals to add the right citations can ensure that a business pops up when users search relevant terms, increasing their visibility in the community.”

9. Landscape design: $400

Whether it’s a restaurant exploring an outdoor-dining setup or a business hoping to utilise outdoor space, having these areas for customers to congregate in can be an important factor in the success of a business.

“Professionals who offer landscape-design services can help figure out the most effective way to utilise and design outdoor spaces,” Fiverr said.

10. GoHighLevel: $300

Fiverr said when placing focus on marketing efforts, GoHighlevel could be a helpful tool, as it worked to consolidate the most useful marketing tools under a single umbrella.

“Freelancers who specialise in GoHighlevel can set businesses up to successfully use this technology in their regular marketing activities,” it said.

So, for those who have the skills there is an increasing demand as businesses look more to the digital world.

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