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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
ENS.NZEnprise Group Limited Ordinary 1.00 14:25Up 0.24 (31.58%)20,000Chart, More
GOV400.NZGOV 15/03/19 5.00% - New Zealan2.34 08:10Up 0.20 (9.09%)210,000Chart, More
TPW160.NZ4.25 11:17Up 0.30 (7.59%)5,000Chart, More
FBI110.NZFBI 15/03/18 7.15% Fletcher Bui4.25 13:37Up 0.25 (6.25%)2,000Chart, More
CEN030.NZCEN 15/11/2021 4.40% Bonds4.40 12:50Up 0.20 (4.76%)50,000Chart, More
NZM.NZNZME Limited0.69 12:21Up 0.02 (2.99%)22,732Chart, Profile, More
AWF.NZAWF Madison Group Limited Ordin2.73 14:33Up 0.07 (2.63%)1,600Chart, Profile, More
TPW130.NZ4.00 08:29Up 0.10 (2.56%)9,000Chart, More
PGC.NZPyne Gould Corporation Limited0.21 13:16Up 0.01 (2.50%)1,991Chart, Profile, More
RBO010.NZRBO 10/06/2020 4.592% Rabobank 3.74 13:04Up 0.09 (2.47%)98,000Chart, More
FCG030.NZFCG 20/10/2021 4.33% - Fonterra4.08 12:53Up 0.08 (2.00%)190,000Chart, More
TLT.NZTilt Renewables Limited Ordinar2.22 14:59Up 0.04 (1.83%)49,988Chart, Profile, More
PCT010.NZPCT 17/12/21 5.54% Precinct Pro4.58 13:04Up 0.08 (1.78%)50,000Chart, More
VCT070.NZVCT 15/06/17 7.0pct Vector Limi4.78 07:35Up 0.08 (1.70%)30,000Chart, More
NZR.NZThe New Zealand Refining Compan2.69 14:59Up 0.04 (1.51%)189,042Chart, Profile, More
MEL.NZMeridian Energy Limited (NS) Or2.73 14:59Up 0.04 (1.49%)1,013,021Chart, Profile, More
KPG.NZKiwi Property Group Limited Ord1.44 14:59Up 0.02 (1.41%)855,419Chart, Profile, More
ANB100.NZANB 25/09/2020 4.03% ANZ Bank N3.65 07:03Up 0.05 (1.39%)50,000Chart, More
MCY.NZMercury NZ Limited Ordinary Sha3.10 14:59Up 0.04 (1.31%)844,710Chart, Profile, More
VGL.NZVista Group International Limit5.43 14:59Up 0.07 (1.31%)16,362Chart, Profile, More
FCT.NZForeign & Colonial Investment T9.37 11:14Up 0.12 (1.30%)5,000Chart, More
STU.NZSteel & Tube Holdings Limited O2.40 14:59Up 0.03 (1.27%)177,853Chart, Profile, More
ABB040.NZABB 26/05/2021 4.245% ASB Bank 4.00 08:08Up 0.05 (1.27%)25,000Chart, More
MLN.NZMarlin Global Limited0.80 08:00Up 0.01 (1.27%)17,300Chart, Profile, More
AIA210.NZAIA 02/11/2023 3.97% Auckland I4.35 10:52Up 0.05 (1.16%)25,000Chart, More
FCG040.NZFCG 07/03/2023 4.42% Fonterra C4.40 12:48Up 0.05 (1.15%)15,000Chart, More
SLI.NZSLI Systems Limited Ordinary Sh0.46 12:13Up 0.01 (1.11%)11,300Chart, Profile, More
ZEL.NZZ Energy Limited Ordinary Share7.44 14:59Up 0.08 (1.09%)280,368Chart, Profile, More
WIA040.NZWIA 05/08/2024 4.00% Wellington4.90 08:26Up 0.05 (1.03%)20,000Chart, More
NZX.NZNZX Limited Ordinary Shares1.07 14:59Up 0.01 (0.94%)173,424Chart, Profile, More
LGF010.NZLGF 15/12/2017 6.00% - NZ Local2.24 14:15Up 0.02 (0.90%)581,000Chart, More
EVO.NZEvolve Education Group Limited 1.15 08:06Up 0.01 (0.88%)17,126Chart, Profile, More
GMT.NZGoodman Property Trust Ordinary1.25 14:59Up 0.01 (0.81%)1,138,039Chart, Profile, More
FPH.NZFisher & Paykel Healthcare Corp8.94 14:59Up 0.07 (0.79%)871,845Chart, Profile, More
USS.NZThe US Small Cap Trust (NS) Uni3.64 13:48Up 0.03 (0.75%)3,650Chart, Profile, More
CNU.NZChorus Limited (NS) Ordinary Sh4.17 14:59Up 0.03 (0.72%)488,375Chart, Profile, More
APN.NZAPN News & Media Limited Ordina2.79 14:59Up 0.02 (0.72%)1,899Chart, Profile, More
AIR.NZAir New Zealand Limited (NS) Or2.18 14:59Up 0.02 (0.69%)793,580Chart, Profile, More
IFT.NZInfratil Limited Ordinary Share2.94 14:59Up 0.02 (0.68%)355,804Chart, Profile, More
FBU.NZFletcher Building Limited Ordin10.45 14:59Up 0.07 (0.67%)716,759Chart, Profile, More
ASBPB.NZASB Capital No.2 Limited (NS) P0.75 14:37Up 0.01 (0.67%)56,495Chart, Profile, More
HBL.NZHeartland Bank Limited Ordinary1.52 14:59Up 0.01 (0.66%)139,017Chart, Profile, More
AIA.NZAuckland International Airport 6.85 14:59Up 0.05 (0.66%)867,482Chart, Profile, More
ABB030.NZABB 15/06/2024 6.65% - ASB Bank4.89 08:27Up 0.03 (0.62%)10,000Chart, More
TWR.NZTower Limited Ordinary Shares0.84 14:59Up 0.01 (0.60%)271,390Chart, Profile, More
GTK.NZGentrack Group Limited Ordinary3.35 14:59Up 0.02 (0.60%)19,890Chart, Profile, More
SPK.NZSpark New Zealand Limited Ordin3.52 14:59Up 0.02 (0.57%)2,239,463Chart, Profile, More
SPG.NZStride Prop & Stride Invest Mgm1.78 14:59Up 0.01 (0.56%)593,221Chart, More
POT.NZPort of Tauranga Ltd (NS) Ordin3.97 14:59Up 0.02 (0.51%)205,236Chart, Profile, More
ARG.NZArgosy Property Limited Ordinar1.02 14:59Up 0.01 (0.49%)1,633,547Chart, Profile, More
SCT.NZScott Technology Limited Ordina2.06 09:54Up 0.01 (0.49%)5,000Chart, Profile, More
TWF.NZThe Total World Trust (NS) Unit1.75 14:08Up 0.01 (0.46%)4,530Chart, Profile, More
DIV.NZNew Zealand Dividend Index Trus1.11 10:43Up 0.01 (0.45%)29,000Chart, Profile, More
GMB030.NZGMB 23/06/2022 5.00% GMT Bond I4.60 12:57Up 0.02 (0.44%)134,000Chart, More
AKC050.NZAKC 29/09/2017 6.52% - Auckland2.41 13:20Up 0.01 (0.42%)5,000Chart, More
TME.NZTrade Me Group Limited Ordinary4.92 14:59Up 0.02 (0.41%)429,092Chart, Profile, More
CEN.NZContact Energy Limited Ordinary4.94 14:59Up 0.02 (0.41%)980,803Chart, Profile, More
PCT.NZPrecinct Properties New Zealand1.24 14:59Up 0.01 (0.40%)2,100,601Chart, More
ANB090.NZANB 18/09/2017 4.89% ANZ Bank N2.55 14:15Up 0.01 (0.39%)296,000Chart, More
MCY010.NZMCY 11/07/44 6.9% - Mercury NZ 5.20 14:01Up 0.02 (0.39%)25,000Chart, More
RBD.NZRestaurant Brands NZ Limited Or5.34 14:59Up 0.02 (0.38%)134,228Chart, Profile, More
MZY.NZAustralian Mid Cap Fund (NS) Un5.92 14:10Up 0.02 (0.32%)338,603Chart, More
VCT.NZVector Limited Ordinary Shares3.19 14:59Up 0.01 (0.31%)64,726Chart, Profile, More
NPF.NZNew Zealand Property Trust (NS)1.06 09:38Up 0.00 (0.28%)5,151Chart, Profile, More
USV.NZThe US Large Value Trust (NS) U2.61 14:06Up 0.01 (0.27%)3,800Chart, Profile, More
OZY.NZAustralian Top 20 Fund (NS) Uni3.51 10:46Up 0.01 (0.26%)6,168Chart, Profile, More
MFT.NZMainfreight Limited Ordinary Sh21.05 14:59Up 0.05 (0.24%)9,592Chart, Profile, More
SPF560.NZSPF 10/03/23 4.51% - Spark Fina4.30 09:44Up 0.01 (0.23%)25,000Chart, More
TPW.NZTrustpower Limited Ordinary Sha4.72 14:59Up 0.01 (0.21%)44,560Chart, Profile, More
EMF.NZThe Emerging Markets Trust (NS)1.05 11:48Up 0.00 (0.19%)20,000Chart, Profile, More
FNZ.NZNZ Top 50 Fund (NS) Units2.13 14:09Up 0.00 (0.19%)46,522Chart, More
BIT.NZThe Bankers Investment Trust Pl12.17 11:38Up 0.02 (0.16%)5,909Chart, More
FCG.NZFonterra Co-operative Group Lim6.27 14:13Up 0.01 (0.16%)235,803Chart, Profile, More
TNZ.NZNZ Top 10 Fund (NS) Units1.39 14:33Up 0.00 (0.14%)31,554Chart, Profile, More
ASR.NZAustralian Resources Index Trus3.72 09:38Up 0.01 (0.13%)1,200Chart, Profile, More