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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
TRU.NZTruScreen Limited Ordinary Shar0.17 14:33Up 0.01 (6.25%)18,250Chart, Profile, More
WHS.NZThe Warehouse Group Limited Ord2.82 14:59Up 0.10 (3.68%)259,082Chart, Profile, More
KFL.NZKingfish Limited Ordinary Share1.42 14:59Up 0.05 (3.65%)42,929Chart, Profile, More
MPG.NZMetro Performance Glass Limited1.85 13:55Up 0.06 (3.35%)184,256Chart, Profile, More
AWF.NZAWF Group Limited Ordinary Shar2.46 26 Feb 08:28Up 0.07 (3.02%)6,000Chart, Profile, More
PCT010.NZPCT 17/12/21 5.54% Precinct Pro5.25 13:37Up 0.15 (2.94%)50,000Chart, More
UOC010.NZUOC 15/12/19 5.77% - University5.40 07:57Up 0.15 (2.86%)10,000Chart, More
MHI.NZMichael Hill International Limi1.24 14:59Up 0.03 (2.48%)77,025Chart, Profile, More
AIR.NZAir New Zealand Limited (NS) Or2.97 14:59Up 0.07 (2.41%)2,060,016Chart, Profile, More
ASP.NZAustralian Property Index Trust1.30 08:13Up 0.03 (2.28%)14,704Chart, Profile, More
ZEL010.NZZEL 15/10/16 7.35 - Z Energy Lt4.80 11:42Up 0.10 (2.13%)40,000Chart, More
FBI070.NZFBI 15/05/2016 7.75% Fletcher B5.10 14:39Up 0.10 (2.00%)100,000Chart, More
NZR.NZThe New Zealand Refining Compan2.60 14:59Up 0.05 (1.96%)83,605Chart, Profile, More
ABB030.NZABB 15/06/2024 6.65% - ASB Bank5.30 13:54Up 0.10 (1.92%)284,000Chart, More
FCG020.NZFCG 04/03/16 6.83% - Fonterra C3.80 12:51Up 0.07 (1.88%)24,000Chart, More
SKO.NZSerko Limited Ordinary Shares1.10 14:59Up 0.02 (1.85%)116,800Chart, Profile, More
AIA.NZAuckland International Airport 4.55 14:59Up 0.08 (1.79%)1,699,707Chart, Profile, More
TLS.NZTelstra Corporation Limited Ord6.67 12:36Up 0.11 (1.68%)10,570Chart, Profile, More
HED.NZHorizon Energy Distribution Lim3.15 09:12Up 0.05 (1.61%)1,685Chart, More
NPT.NZNPT Limited Ordinary Shares0.65 14:59Up 0.01 (1.56%)96,188Chart, More
BFW.NZBurger Fuel Worldwide Limited O3.55 09:54Up 0.05 (1.43%)5,280Chart, Profile, More
MMH.NZMarsden Maritime Holdings Limit2.88 11:48Up 0.04 (1.41%)2,000Chart, More
TEM.NZTempleton Emerging Markets Inve11.54 14:59Up 0.16 (1.41%)23,288Chart, More
PEB.NZPacific Edge Limited Ordinary S0.73 14:10Up 0.01 (1.39%)113,532Chart, Profile, More
BIT.NZThe Bankers Investment Trust Pl12.65 12:48Up 0.17 (1.36%)5,696Chart, More
THL.NZTourism Holdings Limited Ordina1.85 14:59Up 0.02 (1.09%)6,360Chart, Profile, More
TCL.NZThe City of London Investment T8.27 13:31Up 0.08 (0.98%)3,783Chart, More
HLG.NZHallenstein Glasson Holdings Li3.23 14:59Up 0.03 (0.94%)48,108Chart, Profile, More
EVO.NZEvolve Education Group Limited 1.13 13:35Up 0.01 (0.89%)118,000Chart, Profile, More
NZX.NZNZX Limited Ordinary Shares1.15 14:59Up 0.01 (0.88%)41,511Chart, Profile, More
MVN.NZMethven Limited Ordinary Shares1.21 13:49Up 0.01 (0.83%)15,700Chart, Profile, More
XRO.NZXero Limited Ordinary Shares24.60 14:59Up 0.20 (0.82%)228,005Chart, Profile, More
DNZ.NZDNZ Property Fund Limited Ordin1.98 14:59Up 0.02 (0.76%)504,084Chart, Profile, More
SKL.NZSkellerup Holdings Limited Ordi1.37 14:59Up 0.01 (0.74%)149,345Chart, Profile, More
CVT.NZComvita Limited Ordinary Shares4.14 13:53Up 0.03 (0.73%)9,266Chart, Profile, More
GMT.NZGoodman Property Trust Ordinary1.19 14:59Up 0.01 (0.68%)305,763Chart, More
GNE.NZGenesis Energy Limited Ordinary2.27 14:59Up 0.02 (0.67%)1,061,228Chart, Profile, More
OIC.NZOpus International Consultants 1.53 13:48Up 0.01 (0.66%)32,620Chart, Profile, More
MFT.NZMainfreight Limited Ordinary Sh16.20 14:59Up 0.09 (0.56%)32,025Chart, Profile, More
WYN.NZWynyard Group Limited Ordinary 1.94 12:09Up 0.01 (0.52%)13,780Chart, Profile, More
FCG.NZFonterra Co-operative Group Lim5.99 13:59Up 0.03 (0.50%)123,237Chart, Profile, More
AFI.NZAustralian Foundation Investmen6.44 14:31Up 0.03 (0.47%)17,037Chart, Profile, More
MZY.NZSmartMOZY5.21 14:06Up 0.02 (0.44%)960Chart, Profile, More
FCT.NZForeign & Colonial Investment T9.28 12:49Up 0.04 (0.43%)1,200Chart, More
KPG.NZKiwi Property Group Limited Ord1.33 14:59Up 0.01 (0.38%)1,430,896Chart, Profile, More
BGR.NZBriscoe Group Limited Ordinary 2.94 14:41Up 0.01 (0.34%)37,724Chart, Profile, More
CEN.NZContact Energy Limited Ordinary6.11 14:59Up 0.02 (0.33%)405,713Chart, Profile, More
TNZ.NZSmartTENZ1.27 14:25Up 0.00 (0.32%)18,920Chart, Profile, More
AKC050.NZAKC 29/09/2017 6.52% - Auckland3.76 12:39Up 0.01 (0.27%)28,000Chart, More
ERD.NZEROAD Limited Ordinary Shares3.78 11:45Up 0.01 (0.27%)3,800Chart, Profile, More
SKC.NZSKYCITY Entertainment Group Lim4.02 14:59Up 0.01 (0.25%)1,668,564Chart, Profile, More
TWR.NZTower Limited Ordinary Shares2.37 14:59Up 0.01 (0.21%)641,132Chart, Profile, More
ZEL.NZZ Energy Limited Ordinary Share4.75 14:59Up 0.01 (0.21%)374,006Chart, Profile, More
MDZ.NZSmartMIDZ3.71 13:14Up 0.01 (0.19%)23,550Chart, Profile, More
OZY.NZSmartOZZY3.93 10:32Up 0.01 (0.18%)5,327Chart, Profile, More
WBC.NZWestpac Banking Corporation Ord39.62 14:59Up 0.07 (0.18%)226,953Chart, Profile, More
FSF.NZFonterra Shareholders' Fund Uni5.99 14:59Up 0.01 (0.17%)236,265Chart, More
RYM.NZRyman Healthcare Limited Ordina8.05 14:59Up 0.01 (0.12%)197,867Chart, Profile, More