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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
WBC010.NZWBC 01/09/2026 4.6950% Westpac 4.45 06:37Up 4.45 (100.00%)30,000Chart, More
AKC100.NZAKC 27/07/2026 3.338% Auckland 3.30 06:03Up 3.30 (99.10%)88,000Chart, More
ARVRA.NZArvida Group Limited - ARVRA Ri0.17 07:47Up 0.02 (13.33%)37,500Chart, More
FBI140.NZFBI 15/03/2020 5.80% Fletcher B4.25 06:57Up 0.35 (8.97%)13,500Chart, More
PLX.NZ0.30 07:08Up 0.01 (3.45%)19,778Chart, Profile, More
MEL020.NZMEL 16/03/17 7.55% - Meridian E3.20 07:48Up 0.05 (1.59%)10,000Chart, More
EBO.NZEbos Group Limited Ordinary Sha19.00 07:10Up 0.24 (1.27%)265Chart, Profile, More
MEL.NZMeridian Energy Limited (NS) Or2.66 07:46Up 0.03 (1.18%)74,346Chart, Profile, More
SKL.NZSkellerup Holdings Limited Ordi1.40 07:44Up 0.02 (1.08%)19,701Chart, Profile, More
OZY.NZSmartOZZY3.29 06:59Up 0.03 (0.98%)3,000Chart, Profile, More
SKT.NZSky Network Television Limited 4.74 07:39Up 0.04 (0.85%)3,986Chart, Profile, More
MVN.NZMethven Limited Ordinary Shares1.34 07:33Up 0.01 (0.75%)15,000Chart, Profile, More
NPT.NZNPT Limited Ordinary Shares0.70 07:39Up 0.01 (0.72%)58,229Chart, Profile, More
MDZ.NZSmartMIDZ4.09 06:59Up 0.03 (0.66%)2,500Chart, Profile, More
ATM.NZThe a2 Milk Company Limited Ord1.83 07:46Up 0.01 (0.55%)1,248,869Chart, Profile, More
TME.NZTrade Me Group Limited Ordinary5.65 06:59Up 0.03 (0.53%)82,482Chart, Profile, More
TWR.NZTower Limited Ordinary Shares0.97 07:50Up 0.01 (0.52%)89,242Chart, Profile, More
VGL.NZVista Group International Limit6.53 07:18Up 0.03 (0.46%)275Chart, Profile, More
STU.NZSteel & Tube Holdings Limited O2.23 07:44Up 0.01 (0.45%)29,689Chart, Profile, More
ZEL.NZZ Energy Limited Ordinary Share8.25 07:25Up 0.03 (0.36%)16,015Chart, Profile, More
MFT.NZMainfreight Limited Ordinary Sh17.58 07:50Up 0.06 (0.34%)4,830Chart, Profile, More
KPG.NZKiwi Property Group Limited Ord1.50 07:44Up 0.01 (0.33%)26,674Chart, Profile, More
SCL.NZScales Corporation Limited Ordi3.10 07:03Up 0.01 (0.32%)19,486Chart, Profile, More
THL.NZTourism Holdings Limited Ordina3.30 07:36Up 0.01 (0.30%)59,304Chart, Profile, More
SPK.NZSpark New Zealand Limited Ordin3.57 07:46Up 0.01 (0.28%)76,235Chart, Profile, More
FLI.NZFliway Group Limited Ordinary S1.10 06:59Up 0.00 (0.27%)3,000Chart, Profile, More
AIR.NZAir New Zealand Limited (NS) Or1.88 07:50Up 0.00 (0.27%)135,104Chart, Profile, More
CNU.NZChorus Limited (NS) Ordinary Sh3.89 07:46Up 0.01 (0.26%)96,943Chart, Profile, More
XRO.NZXero Limited Ordinary Shares19.60 07:41Up 0.04 (0.20%)2,772Chart, Profile, More
MCY.NZ3.00 07:44Up 0.01 (0.17%)89,132Chart, Profile, More
RYM.NZRyman Healthcare Limited Ordina9.35 06:59Up 0.01 (0.11%)13,522Chart, Profile, More
FPH.NZFisher & Paykel Healthcare Corp9.83 07:50Up 0.01 (0.10%)279,114Chart, Profile, More
FBU.NZFletcher Building Limited Ordin10.71 07:50Up 0.01 (0.09%)164,768Chart, Profile, More
ANZ.NZAustralia and New Zealand Banki29.07 06:59Up 0.01 (0.03%)6,610Chart, Profile, More