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Why this entrepreneur DESTROYED $500,000 of stock

S1 Ep7, The New Investors - Watch Haydenshapes founder Hayden Cox's frank interview about how he started his Surfboard business and the challenges he has faced.

Hayden Cox was once a 15-year-old who just broke his beloved surfboard.

"I was working part-time jobs at Woolworths and Pizza Hut... I didn't really have that much money, so I was like, 'Well, what's going to be the cheapest way to get a new board?'" he told Yahoo Finance's New Investors show.

"And that was to build one myself."

That teenage dilemma triggered a lifelong journey of entrepreneurship – designing, manufacturing and selling surfboards under his own brand Haydenshapes.

But the Sydneysider knew nothing about business, chemicals or mass production to start with. There would be some brutal lessons along the way.