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Westpac releases real-life scam call

Aussies are being warned to beware as scam cases spike.

Video transcript



- Hello?

- Hello there. Am I speaking to [BLEEP]

- Speaking.

- Hello there. My name is Martin Moore, calling you from the Westpac fraud prevention team. How are you today?

- Yeah, nice thanks.

- I'm calling with regards to your credit card. If you want to check the authenticity of this call, you can get the number that I'm calling you from today. It's on the back of your card. I'm calling in regards to your credit card ending with [BLEEP] There's been a transaction attempted to a Palacio Herrero in Mexico using your card details ending with [BLEEP] Are you currently in Mexico trying to use your card at all?

- No, I'm not.

- OK, there's been a transaction attempted using the correct card details. Now, I do have to advise you for training and quality purposes. Calls are being recorded.

OK, now just to confirm with you, have you lost or misplaced your card ending with [BLEEP] Your credit card?

- No.

- OK that's fine.

- I'll just check.

- No worries at all. If you can, please double check that for me. Brilliant. Now just to confirm, have you been to Mexico before and used your card there in Mexico?

- No, because when I was in Mexico, I didn't have a credit card. I was there in 1970.

- You didn't to have a credit card. OK, not to worry. So what we're going to do, we're going to have to cancel this card for you today and send you a new card to the address that we do have for you, which is [BLEEP] Is that still the best advice for you, Ma'am?

- Yes.

- OK, so we're going to cancel your card and send you a new card straight away. That will take three to five working days to arrive. We are also going to cancel this transaction for you today, OK, Madam?

So I can confirm that we're calling from the fraud prevention team, and no payments have actually left your account today. So I have to send you a six to eight digit calculation code. Have you received that at all from Westpac?

- No.

- And if you read that code to me, I send it to your mobile number. The one I'm calling you from today.

- Yeah.

- Yeah. I'm going to cancel the payment for you. If you can just confirm the cancelation code.

- Sorry, what did you want me to do?

- If you can read the cancellation code to me, please. The code that was sent to you?

- It is 429796.

- So 429796.

- OK. Brilliant. I can confirm that has managed to cancel this payment for you today. But I can also confirm the payment will not be leaving your account. OK, Madam?

Now, just to confirm, OK, we do need to go ahead and cancel your card and send you a new card now. If I can do that, I do need to take you through quick security just to confirm I'm speaking to the account holder.

I have verified myself for you today. I have confirmed to you that the number I'm calling you from today is on the back of your card. Now, have you checked that and verified that?

- I don't see that.

- OK, double check that, 4026. Should be on the back of your card.

- No, I haven't got that number on my card.

- There should be two numbers. Should be two numbers. OK, so you can see that. OK. Brilliant.

- Well, it says actually, customer service was in New Zealand. Although, your number is not.

- Yes, so because the transaction was attempted in Mexico, it is a transaction overseas. That's why I'm calling you today. It's an international payment. OK?

- Right.

- Perfect. So if you can, just go ahead and confirm your date of birth for me, please.

- I've blocked this transaction for you, so the payment will not be leaving your account. However, your card has been blocked.

- Sorry, I'm just not comfortable.

- No problem at all. I understand. I completely understand Mrs [BLEEP] If you can, give us a call back straight away, please. Either the same number or the other--

- So I'll call you. I'll make a few enquiries with my personal banker too.

- OK, yes. Please do that. Thank you very much.