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Top tips to get your resume noticed by Atlassian

Atlassian Work Futurist, Dominic Price, lays out his top tips for candidates to get their resumes shortlisted for an interview.

Video transcript

DOMINIC PRICE: The first step is essentially a skills match, right? Now every one of our job adverts has got a list of skills that we expect the person to have, right? Essentially when you're looking at that resume, you're trying to do the exercise. Some people make that exercise really easy for you, right?

As you go through their experience, you're like, oh, yeah. That match. Yeah, OK. I can see how it correlates. Other people don't make that effort, right? They leave it in their style, their language, their words, and you try to work out, is that person a good fit or not, right? When you're looking at thousands and thousands of resumes, you're looking for the ones where there's just a loose fit, just directionally does this person feel like they'd be a good fit?

And have they got some experience? And have they brought that experience to life? And I think what's interesting with resumes, I mean, there's a million different types of resumes. But it's the ones where they tell the story of what they did, what they contributed to, right?

And I'll give you an example. I've been doing a lot of interviewing recently. There's a candidate. They'd worked on some amazing projects, and there was a long list. I mean, let's just say, it's a very long list of all the projects they've worked on. But at no point did they tell me what they did. What we're looking for is people that understand-- and it's not over inflating their role, it's being honest about what their role is and what their personal experience is, because that's the person I'm looking to hire.

I'm not hiring the project. I'm hiring the person. And I think in any country around the world that we're hiring in, we're always looking for that level of self-awareness. We have a values interview as part of our hiring process. So even if you're hiring-- you're applying for an engineering role, you can pass all the engineering tests. You can be the best engineer in the world, but that values interview helps us understand, how do you operate? Right? How are you going to turn up to work, whether it be in the virtual environment or in the physical environment? And are you going to be a force multiplier in your team or not?

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