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Stocks moving in after hours: Nikola, Canoo, Rumble

Yahoo Finance Live co-host Seana Smith checks out several stocks trending in the after-hours trading session.

Video transcript

- Let's take a look at a couple of trending tickers after hours. We have Nikola, Canoo, and Rumble. Starting off with Nikola, you're looking at a loss of nearly 6%. Now, this EV maker falling towards another all-time low, announcing plans for a $100 million share offering. Now, they disappointed the Street back in February with its revenue numbers, also the fact that they only anticipate or project to deliver up to 500-- produce up to 500 or fewer vehicles this year.

And you can see the stock has been under a tremendous amount of pressure. This year alone, it's off about 35%. Over the last year, off about 87%. A number of issues going on with Nikola. But that EV maker under pressure today. Let's flip it over to Canoo here, another EV maker. Off just about a half of a percent here. Not a huge move after hours. The company saying that it did deliver its first vehicle, the LTV, to the US Army during the last year in 2022.


They're also focused on bringing more facilities online and scaling production as they look ahead to 2023. Year to date, you're looking at a loss of just about 49%. The company did report a loss of $0.25 for its most recent quarters. Under a bit of pressure here in extended trading.

Let's round it out with Rumble. Now, this video platform here, really, shares soaring on the heels of its latest report, up just about 30%. Now, the company reporting that its global monthly active users reaching 80 million. Putting that in perspective, that's up 142% from just a year ago. Year to date, you're looking at a gain of just about 56%. And closed today just above $9 a share.

- Dave. Thank you very much, Seana.