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Stocks fluctuate in early trading, Pinterest and Costco stocks pop

Yahoo Finance's Ines Ferre joins the Live show to break down how stocks are moving in early trading.

Video transcript


BRAD SMITH: Guys, let's get to Yahoo! Finance's Ines Ferré over at the YFi Interactive with a look at what's taking place here on the day. Ines, what are you tracking?

INES FERRÉ: And you guys were just talking about those mortgage rates. And just looking at the homebuilders, we did see a little bit of action here with some of these homebuilders that had been in green territory. Now, losing some of that steam. I just want to also pull up a year-to-date chart so you can see how much these homebuilders have lost year-to-date.

Looking at the sector action, we are seeing the markets down right now. So you're looking at utilities and also real estate, which are moving to the downside. You've got energy, though, that is still in green territory.

And over on the NASDAQ 100, some of these mega caps that had been in green earlier are now a bit under pressure. Nvidia had been up more than 1% earlier, now losing some steam.

Also, looking at some of what's happening with our trending tickers because we've got two trending tickers that we should mention on our Trending Ticker Page. Well, that's the oil right now. But you can see also the US Dollar Index, by the way, going a little bit higher. That is putting pressure on stocks. And on those trending, we are seeing Pinterest that's trending right now. Number one on our Yahoo! Finance Page. That's after that Goldman call.

But also want to check out Costco because Costco's September sales came in higher than expected. So you're looking at those sales that increasing for Costco. And the stock right now up more than 1%. Year-to-date also outperforming the broader markets because-- that's Chewy. But year-to-date, Costco down 14%. Still outperforming the broader markets. You can tell, consumers still want to get value, big bulk.