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Six Flags appoints Marilyn Spiegel to board of directors

Yahoo Finance Live anchors discuss news that Six Flags has appointed Marilyn Spiegel to its board of directors.

Video transcript


BRAD SMITH: But time for Cut for Time, three stories, one minute each. We got the lightning edition today. We start with this-- Six Flags shaking up its board of directors, appointing Marilyn Spiegel, effective immediately. Spiegel is going to stand for election with the other six directors at the theme park's company-- at the theme park company's, rather, 2023 annual general meeting here. And this is kind of a direct correlation to the activist campaign that have been moved forward there as well within Six Flags. They had an activist investor--

JULIE HYMAN: Land & Buildings.

BRAD SMITH: --Land & Buildings, yes, that was looking for more of the profitability to move forward around the real estate assets at Six Flags.

BRIAN SOZZI: Wish them well. Unclear-- I'm sure Marilyn seems very experienced-- how one new director on this board of six board members standing for re-election are going to drive a lot of change at Six Flags. Just make better rides, make things cheaper, and serve better food.

BRAD SMITH: Well, and she's got a big background within the casinos as well. Wynn is part of that background, Wynn Las Vegas--

BRIAN SOZZI: So maybe I'll place a bet that I'm going to get off a roller coaster safe and sound. Maybe I can do that on my mobile phone if Six Flags puts it out there.

BRAD SMITH: I don't think I've gotten on a roller coaster in a while.

JULIE HYMAN: Yeah, I won't place any bets that I won't get off and get sick, not get sick, because that is, unfortunately, what happens to me.